Best Practices for Safely Reopening Your Office

Best Practices for Safely Reopening Your Office
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    As COVID-19 cases slowly dissipate, it’s time to set up ways to open your office back up safely.

    Here are ways for reopening your office safely.


As soon as we fully reopen our offices and start working like usual again, we need to implement some changes. Employees are looking for ways to create a safer and healthier work environment, such as better ways to collaborate on cleaning certain areas often and other methods of ensuring every inch of office space is clean. As you attempt to go back to normalcy, consider these best practices for safely reopening your office.

Stop, Listen, and Think

Once they settle into a normal nine-to-five again, businesses will reopen in different ways and at different paces. Aside from worrying about what your competition is doing, look over what changes you can make to trigger a better and healthier environment for all workers. Speak with your competitors and find new and innovative ways to help each other get back to work again.

Make Changes to Your Office

If you’re in a city landscape or a rural area, you’ll need to either condense or add space onto what you already have to help make the office a safer and virus-free environment. Making changes won’t just involve moving around the furniture. It will also involve employees having a hybrid schedule to use so you can shift out workers throughout the day. As COVID-19 slowly releases its grasp, we can begin to let go of hybrid schedules. Work with workers and let them take a survey to help determine future work schedules for everyone and what the average workweek will look like post-COVID.

Continue Improving the Health of the Building

Health is what matters the most for your employees and the office building. While we were away, employees remained hesitant to go back to work. As they return, ensure the overall health of your employees by using a professional cleaning service more than once a year. Ensure that you take care of your employees and the building before fully reopening again. You’ll find that having a professional cleaning service clean your office at least twice a year instead of once will improve the overall health of your workers and the office building.

Have a New Isolation Protocol in Place

As we all slowly return to work, it’s vital to remember that life with COVID-19 will be something that’ll take time to get used to living. By having an active isolation protocol in place, we’re practicing better ways to help workers who feel ill get tested and stay home. If a worker does come in sick, offer them a mask and take them to an isolation room. If any other employees have come into contact with the sick individual, make sure to send them home and follow other CDC guidelines and protocols for disinfecting any contaminated surfaces or areas.

As we proceed to find new ways to help practice better strategies for reopening, our employees will be healthier and safer once they head back to the office. Use these best practices for safely reopening again in your post-COVID reopening plan.

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