Tips for Building Your Commercial Cleaning Business

Tips for Building Your Commercial Cleaning Business
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    Have you ever wanted to start a cleaning business but don’t know how?

    These tips for building your commercial cleaning business will have you covered.


Whether you are looking to start a brand-new cleaning gig or need tips for building your commercial cleaning business, there are a handful of essential guidelines you need to follow to make sure you see success. These will ensure that you take care of all administrative and human resource tasks, manage your products and services, and build a consistent customer base.

Getting Your Business Set Up

As a business owner, you are now in charge of documenting everything and keeping detailed records. This is vital for tax season or when you start to hire employees. No employee likes getting an incomplete or late paycheck! It’s also crucial to provide professional customer service, manage accurate estimates and billing for clients, and track product inventory.

If this part of owning a business is challenging, write it all out in a business plan. You can ensure that you aren’t skipping any necessary steps or wasting precious time by accidentally making mistakes. A little bit of extra work getting and staying organized will help you in the long run.

Use Quality Products

You also need to invest in high-quality products from a user experience and the customer’s perspective. No one wants their office to smell like an industrial factory when they arrive at their desk. Similarly, you need to find safe products. After all, you will use, smell, and sometimes touch these chemicals for dozens of hours each week. Not all products are created equal, and just because one is cheaper doesn’t mean it’s safer.

Never stop learning the industry secrets; they might save you money or increase customers satisfaction. Continue to stay educated on how to deal with specific surfaces like cleaning and sealing tile and grout. Knowing the best ways to clean different textures will save you time (and scrubbing power).

Finding and Keeping Customers

If you start from scratch, it is worthwhile to invest in marketing or even create a website. A website can attract customers, provide service prices and information, and allow them to book and pay online. This is a helpful way to passively offer customer service to potential or current clients without you needing to stop working to help them.

Continue to network with relevant clients and potential business partners. Leave each customer satisfied, as many of your clients can come from referrals. You can even start a referral program to encourage word-of-mouth recommendations. Creating a loyalty program is also great for promoting customers to keep coming back for your services.

Starting or scaling up a business like this is a great career move, especially when everyone is on high alert for sanitation and cleanliness. Luckily, it’s easier now more than ever to do so. Furthermore, you can control when, where, or how much you work, creating a work/life balance that fits your needs. By following these tips for building your commercial cleaning business, you can start generating revenue in no time.

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