Stress-Relieving Tips For Semi-Truck Drivers

Stress-Relieving Tips For Semi-Truck Drivers
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    Getting behind the wheel of an 80,000-pound 10-wheeler truck can take its toll on the body and mind.

    The stress of performing your job efficiently and safely can wear you down over time.


This fatigue compounds the hours of driving that drivers do on a daily basis, putting further tension on drivers. But having some stress-relieving tips for semi-truck drivers in your arsenal can make the job easier, go by faster, and put you at ease while on the road.

Treat Your Body Well

When you’re on the road for days at a time, it’s all too common and easy to neglect your physical health. Your body needs more stimulation than sitting in your truck cabin all day and sleeping all night; give it some exercise to get the blood flowing and stretch some underused muscles.

Given enough time, the muscles and bones of the body will grow sore from staying in the same position all day, causing a physical strain; fight this off with occasional breaks, walks, and stretching exercises.

  • Don’t Forget Your Diet

    Stopping for a quick on-the-go meal is often a necessity, and while it can be hard preparing healthier food, but you need to watch what you eat.

    What you eat has a significant influence on how you feel. Eating foods that provide fiber, protein, and monosaturated fats will increase your energy levels and, by extension, improve your mental state.

Have Some Background Noise

You should never distract yourself while driving, but having something playing in the background can actually help you stay focused on long drives. This can be anything, whether it’s a podcast, music, nature sounds, or simply white noise.

When your mind is half-focused on background sounds like white noise, your focus increases, and you become able to tune out unnecessary stimuli, while music and podcasts help pass the time through entertainment.

  • Temporary Fix

    While taking your mind off the drive in the present is a good way to pass the time, it is not a long-term remedy. Once you stop, you’ll finally notice how tired your body is, which makes taking care of it after long drives a necessity.

Know Your Truck

In addition to taking care of yourself and knowing how to relieve stress while trucking, it helps to understand the workings of your vehicle. Explore how your truck typically feels when it’s running optimally and identify when it’s not.

A lot of anxiety comes from not understanding your truck, especially when you think something’s wrong but can’t identify where the issue lies.

  • Vibrations

    One of the most common problems you’ll face is vibrations. There are several types of vibrations, each with its own cause. Be aware of how to identify them and seek out a mechanic immediately when the need arises.

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Don’t Strain Yourself

It’s tempting to push yourself to make deadlines and complete deliveries, but it’s never worth it to push yourself further than what’s comfortable.

The physical and mental toll you subject yourself to will decrease your quality of life and negatively affect your job performance. Be responsible when driving and take the steps necessary to reduce stress levels.

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