Tips To Surviving Your First Firefighter Shift

Tips To Surviving Your First Firefighter Shift
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    Whether you’re a returning firefighter or starting, this is one of the most rewarding careers you could ever choose.

    Now that you’re settling in with your comrades, it’s time to learn the best tips to surviving your first firefighter shift.


Stay Motivated

Even during slow workdays, it’s essential to keep busy and train yourself to be self-motivated. As many firefighters are self-driven, they must find something to do to pass the time until a job comes up.

Not only should you have a drive, but make it a goal to keep learning and working on things. That way, you’re not wasting your time sitting around when you could keep yourself busy by studying or completing a chore.

Learn Your Role

Like any other job, it’s crucial to learn all you can during training and after you complete your basics. As you learn about your role, consider taking whatever you’ve trained in as an assignment to do in your downtime.

Also, know your place. As a firefighter, it’s essential not to have a big head, and you should address your Captain by the full title, not by an abbreviated term, until you’ve been around the workplace for a while.

As you move up in the chain of command, respect plays a vital role in how you advance, especially when it comes to how your higher-ups view you.

Ask for Advice

For nearly every crew, a group of individuals gets excited when they hear a new graduating class is joining their fleet. While you show up for the first time is excellent, take this moment to approach different individuals and ask for advice.

Not only are crewmembers happy to lend a word of wisdom, but a friendship blooms. Savor the moments you have with your co-workers and take every piece of advice to mold yourself into the firefighter you want to become.

Also, when it comes to buying firefighter equipment, ask questions about the best manufacturers to buy from and what other necessities you might need for other jobs.

Be Respectful

While on the job, you need to show respect to higher-ups, new crewmembers that come after, and others. For any job you take on, it’s vital to show a level of respect, especially when you are getting your feet wet.

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Additionally, please limit the number of times you complain and don’t swear out of respect for your fellow workers. Also, stay humble.

The most successful firefighters are the ones who show respect and gratitude on day one.

As you come together with your crew, use these tips to survive your first firefighter shift as a way to prepare yourself for the long road ahead.

Being a firefighter is a rewarding career, so make the most of your time and enjoy the journey.

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