Essential PPE for Safety in the Construction Industry

Essential PPE for Safety in the Construction Industry
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    The construction industry can come with some hazardous job conditions; this is why personal protective equipment (PPE) is so important for construction contractors.


If you’re not familiar with everything you’ll need to stay safe before a construction job, keep reading to learn the essential PPE for safety in the construction industry.

Hard Hats

Hard hats are a requirement for many construction sites due to the various hazards present. Hard hats help protect construction workers and contractors from falling objects, electrical hazards and wires, and other hazards.

There are several classes and types of hard hats in the construction industry. For example, a Class G or Class E hard hat is non-conductive and can help protect construction workers from electrical hazards and voltage conductors.

On the other hand, Class C hard hats are not tested for electrical hazards and are fitted for general use.

Eye Protection

There are several forms of eye protection that are common among construction contractors. Construction safety glasses protect your eyes from dust, debris, and other hazards on the job site.

Some safety glasses come tinted for protection from the sun on outdoor job sites. For more hazardous conditions, safety goggles may be required.

These goggles help protect your eyes from all sides and provide a snugger fit to your face. Goggles offer more protection against physical hazards, but also shield the eyes from biological and chemical hazards.

Hearing Protection

Construction sites can produce loud noises that can be damaging to your hearing at close enough range. For this reason, one of the most important pieces of safety equipment that a construction contractors need is hearing protection.

Many construction sites will supply workers with earmuffs or headphones to protect their hearing. In some cases, foam earplugs or preformed plugs will be necessary.

Earplugs can be more convenient for some workers and allow more range of motion.

Other Important PPE

Some smaller articles of PPE are just as important for keeping construction workers safe on the job. Workers shouldn’t forget about safety articles like heavy gloves, steel-toed boots, and smocks or aprons.

These PPE essentials protect their skin from debris, cuts, and other tough conditions, especially when working on a demolition site. You also want to make sure to wear the right clothing to a construction site. Wearing work shirts and pants and climate-appropriate gear is just as important as your PPE.

PPE Chemical Suits

What you need to know about PPE chemical suits is that they are full-body suits that protect workers from certain contaminants. While not all construction workers will need chemical or hazmat suits on the job, there are certain conditions and scenarios that will require these protective suits.

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Contractors working on the demolition or renovation of an older building that contains asbestos or mold would need a hazmat suit. Some chemical suits come with respirator protection to help workers avoid breathing in chemicals or other hazardous materials

These are some of the essential PPE for safety in the construction industry to familiarize yourself with. If you plan to go into construction contracting, you’ll need this equipment to make sure you and your employees stay safe on the job.

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