The Different Types of Lifting Equipment in Construction

The Different Types of Lifting Equipment in Construction
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    In order to build towering skyscrapers, beautiful bridges, and other heavy structures, businesses need sturdy lifting equipment.

    There’s a wide variety of lifting machines workers can use to safely move heavy beams and materials to their intended locations.


Look into the different types of lifting equipment in construction for your business.


Without a doubt, cranes are some of the most noticeable pieces of lifting equipment due to their large sizes. Cranes come in various sizes, but are generally very large and easy to spot from long distances. To lift materials safely, workers learn about the types of rigging slings and how to use them properly with a crane.

There are three different types of cranes that businesses use for various purposes. Workers usually place mobile cranes on top of vehicles to transport them to different sites. For a tower crane, workers fix the base of the crane to the ground or a tower.

The crane’s mast provides the height and lift that the workers require. A static crane is similar to a tower crane, except that a static crane can only function on a single fixed path.

Boom Lifts

Boom lifts continue to rise in popularity every day within the construction industry, and it’s easy to see why. Workers can easily use boom lifts on all types of terrain to access difficult-to-reach areas. Professionals in the construction industry mainly use these handy machines for repairs or small amounts of materials.


Hoists are basically the elevators of the construction industry. You’ll often spot them on the sides of unfinished construction projects, but professionals can also use them for maintenance purposes.

Hoists can lift thousands of pounds, so you can imagine how useful they are for workers. Although many hoists can move horizontally, workers usually operate them to lift materials vertically.

The three main types of hoists that your business can use are mobile, passenger, and small package hoists. Each type of hoist has its own list of benefits.

You can easily transport mobile hoists to different locations. With a passenger hoist, you can safely lift workers to hard-to-reach areas. A small package hoist has a small lifting arm, and you can mount it to the side of a construction project.

As you can see, each hoist comes with its own specific benefits. The key to choosing the right one for your business is to decide which will provide the most aid for your specific applications.

Cherry Pickers

You cannot go over the different types of lifting equipment in construction without mentioning cherry pickers. A fun fact about cherry pickers is that Jay Eitel invented them in 1944 to make his job of picking fruit easier.

Manufacturers mount cherry pickers on top of vehicles, so you can easily transport them to different locations. In addition to a fun name, these machines have a long arm that workers can use for all kinds of applications.

Cherry pickers are versatile machines. You can change them by adding a bucket, pallet fork, or winch.

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