Common Challenges Businesses Face When Packaging Products

Common Challenges Businesses Face When Packaging Products
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Assess your packaging practices to determine if you can improve on the common challenges businesses face when packaging products.

Line Throughput

Your packaging line throughput is the number of units you package within a given time, or the rate of packaging. A low throughput means your system has inefficiencies, and it could also mean you’re unable to keep up with demand or grow your business.

Calculating the throughput of individual machines can give you an idea of how well they perform, but this alone won’t accurately portray the efficiency of your entire packaging system. Machines can go down at different times, meaning their windows of productivity don’t align perfectly.

One way to increase line throughput is to place buffers before and after the slowest machine on your line. Using accumulation tables as the buffers on either end of the slow machine means that when machines upstream and downstream from the slowest machine go down, the slow machine can continue working.

Minimizing your slowest device’s downtime will keep it working as much as possible rather than at the whims of the rest of the line.


Sustainable packaging practices include using fewer raw materials, decreasing waste, and promoting recycling. Consider using better-designed packaging, such as that made from recycled materials. Changing your containers can also make your product weigh less, requiring less fuel to transport and reducing the strain on the environment.

Another way to reduce packaging waste is to invest in quality automation. Packaging automation gives you a return on investment by improving efficiency. Machines produce fewer errors than human workers, and they’ll use more precise and accurate amounts of packaging.

Encouraging consumers to recycle packaging helps reduce waste. Consider printing recycling information on the packaging to inform consumers how easy it is to recycle your packaging. Sharing your sustainability initiative with the consumer is also a great way to build eco-conscious branding.

Distribution Demands

Another common challenge businesses face when packaging products is meeting the demands of distribution networks, also known as the network of storage facilities and transportation that moves goods from your facility to the customer. Different types of distribution networks present different demands on your packaging.

Use durable materials so products remain safe during transit and in storage. Packaging affects the flow of operations in distribution centers, decreasing or increasing the time it takes for workers to handle your product.

Use packaging that keeps temperature-sensitive goods stable throughout the distribution network. Maintaining the right temperature will reduce wasted resources and increase customer satisfaction.

Assess efficiency to improve line throughput. Run a greener business by adopting sustainable products, implementing efficient practices, and encouraging consumers to recycle. Use packaging that protects your products and aids your distribution network. Balancing these requirements will help you get the most out of your packaging.



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