How To Improve the Security of Your Hotel

How To Improve the Security of Your Hotel
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    Hotel owners, operators, and managers know that managing security is one of the more challenging aspects of their jobs.

    There are so many moving parts they need to be aware of, and they can’t leave any blind spots or let things slip through the cracks.



There’s always room for improvement when it comes to security. Read on to learn how to improve the security of your hotel.

Conduct a Risk Assessment

You won’t know how to properly protect and secure your hotel if you don’t know which areas are most at risk. Conducting a risk assessment is the most logical first step. As the manager or operator, you’re likely not personally a security expert.

As you would hire someone to cook the food and clean the property, you can hire a security expert to assess the hotel and tell you where the issues lie. Furthermore, they can offer solutions to these problems.

Speak With Your Guests

There’s nothing wrong with using customer service to your advantage. Your guests will appreciate you for the check-ins, and you’ll be able to keep your eyes open and ear to the ground for potential security issues. You and your employees should engage with your guests as much as possible.

With every conversation, be on the lookout for suspicious behavior; some customers might even report any concerns or issues they have or notice to you. Have your staff report to you things they notice that are out of place.

Update Your System

Updating your current security system is the next logical step. Even if your system works fine now, there is always room for enhancements. Companies come up with upgrades all the time, and it makes sense for you to take advantage of them.

Install a better system in some of the most vulnerable places in your hotel. For example, consider increasing the security of your sliding doors. It will require you to install a security camera, an alarm system, and a few other security features.

Require Safety Training

You and your staff need to go through proper training. There should be signs, code names, and signals for emergencies. Go over safety precautions and procedures every couple of months to keep them fresh in everyone’s minds.

Give your outstanding and exceptional staff members promotions. The sense of power and responsibility will encourage them to work harder to protect and secure the hotel.

Hire a Team

Above all, hire a security team. All the training and equipment for your regular hotel staff only go so far. Security teams are professionals trained and skilled to handle some of the most difficult and dangerous situations.

The security team’s entire focus will be on the protection and safety of the hotel. You won’t have to split your attention and focus and provide your efforts and management elsewhere. Of course, have the team check in with you regularly so you are still in the know.

Improving the security of your hotel protects current guests and puts your hotel in the best light. Customers will see the care you have for guests and feel more compelled to stay.

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