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Business Management

5 Business Strategies for the Months Ahead

Your business is moving forward, successfully making the transition from one season to the next. Yet, you do have some concerns on where you are headed and how best to respond.

Financial Management

Collection Strategies for Your Business

Many small business operators struggle with cash flow and those struggles often include slow accounts receivables. Notably, if money is not coming in, then you will have difficulty paying bills.

Small Business Tips

8 Money Saving Tips for the New Business Owner

The entrepreneur is just another word for Bootstrapper, an individual who has started a business with pluck and determination, but perhaps without the financial resources to make it big from the start.

Financial Management

CPA Tax Tips for Savvy Business Owners

Tweet By mid-April your federal and state taxes should be filed and one less burden will be on your shoulders. At least until next year. Here’s what you can do

Small Business Tips

7 Strategies for Small Businesses in the New Year

Tweet No matter, the year is done, a new one has begun, and you are looking for ways to increase your edge in a competitive market. The following seven strategies

Small Business Tips

What Everyone Ought to Know About Surviving a Financial Crisis

Tweet Even with the best preparation — such as shoring up your emergency fund — that crisis may be too much for you to handle. Yet, being proactive can help


About Borrowing Money for Your Small Business

There may come a point in your small business ownership where you will want to borrow money. That money may come in handy to help you purchase equipment, expand your location or even to help you meet payroll.

M&A Planning

What Is Your Business Worth?

Do you know how much your business is worth? Finding an answer to that question can be elusive, but it is something you can uncover.


About Small Business Administration Backed Loans

If you think that you can turn to the Small Business Administration (SBA) for a direct loan, then think again. Although the SBA does lend money, there are many restrictions in place that will rule out many businesses.

Financial Management

Business Loan Risks You Must Overcome

As a small business operator you may need access to a line of credit, money that can see you through a cash flow problem.

Business Management

7 Challenges of the Entrepreneur

You are a budding entrepreneur, an individual who is simply not willing to settle for the status quo. Your vision for working for yourself is about to come to fruition as you have found the right business model with much potential for success.