5 Signs You Need New Pipes in Your Office

5 Signs You Need New Pipes in Your Office
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    If you own an older office building, you may be aware that many of the structural components in the building will require replacement after a certain period of time.


After all, nothing lasts forever, and everything from the hot water heater and HVAC system to the light fixtures and more will have a maximum useful life. Even the pipes in your office may eventually reach the end of their useful life, and re-piping your building may be necessary. There are a few signs that you may notice that could indicate the need to work with a plumbing professional for re-piping services.

Loud Noises When the Water Runs

It is common to hear unusual sounds in an older building. However, when you notice these sounds only when the water is being used, this is a sign that there may be a problem with your pipes. You can request plumbing assistance to determine the cause of the issue. In many cases, loud noises that are being generated in an older building may indicate a significant problem with weak or aging pipes.

Frequent Leaks or Plumbing Issues

As some piping materials age, they become weaker and more prone to leakage. If you find yourself regularly dealing with leaks, you may consider asking a plumbing for more insight about the overall condition of your pipes. Frequent plumbing issues can lead to an increased risk for water damage and mold growth in the property, so it may be best to re-pipe the building if your pipes are aging.

Unusual Smells in the Water

Unusual smells in your fresh water can be caused by a number of factors, including everything from backflow to issues with older pipes. A plumbing inspection can reveal the source of your foul-smelling water. In some cases, the recommendation you may receive from a plumber will be to re-pipe the building. If you are an employer the last thing you want is to have any kind of backflow in your water system. Such backflow can cause a foul smell to come out through running water as well as bacteria in a person’s drinking water, which can cause more problems for any business owner down the road.

Colored Water

Likewise, some older pipes may shed sediment or debris from the pipes themselves. They may also be lined with debris build-up from hard water. If the problem is significant, re-piping may be the answer. Your plumber can help you to learn more about the possible solutions that may be right for your building.

When You Receive Professional Advice

A pipe inspection can be requested at any time. Some people will request an inspection on an older building when they are making a purchase, but you can also request an inspection on a building that you have owned for years. A skilled pipe inspector like those from 20/20 NDT Inc.  can determine the true condition of your pipes, and he may recommend re-pipe to stave off potential issues that may be looming.

Re-piping can be a significant undertaking, but it also may be in your best interest. Consider learning more about the condition of your office’s pipes, and follow the advice of your plumber to maintain your property’s condition.



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