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10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Bullet Resistant Guard Booths

10 Things Most People Don’t Know About Bullet Resistant Guard Booths
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    Many organizations and facilities need robust security to deal with high-risk threats. For these locations, protecting security staff is important.


Many companies require prefab structures that can withstand gunfire if the worst happens. Below you can read about 10 little-known facts about bullet resistant guard booths.

They’re bullet resistant not bulletproof

If you’re searching for a ballistic booth, you may have seen manufacturers offering “bulletproof” guard shacks. However, it would be more accurate to say “bullet resistant” booth. That’s because nothing is ever completely bulletproof.

Given enough firepower and time, it’s possible to penetrate any structure or vehicle. Despite this, a bullet resistant shack will protect you from most threats you are likely to face.

You’re protected for longer

In situations where security guards or other booth occupants face the threat of gunfire, a bullet resistant booth can be a significant advantage. Unless you’re expecting World War 3 to land outside your facility, the bullet resistant guard shack could save lives when the worst happens.

So-called bulletproof vests are actually only bullet resistant, but are critical for survival in high risk scenarios. The Department of Justice says 2,000 police survived a shooting incident thanks to the bullet resistant material.

Bullet resistant guard booths are versatile

When you are looking for a bullet resistant guard booth, you can typically choose between a large selection of structures. Look for manufacturers that offer customizable, completely prefabricated shack styles to choose from and a range of ballistic booth options.

You can choose your style

Despite needing some specific construction requirements, bullet resistant booths are available in a variety of structure designs. Many of the best manufacturers use a modular construction technique to allow clients to choose the build dynamics of the booth, including what it looks like.

Ballistic guard booths are the ultimate protection

For keeping employees safe in potentially risky situations, high-security guard booths that can resist bullets are the ultimate protection. As mentioned, nothing is truly bulletproof. However, bullet resistance is the next best thing and ballistics structures will protect occupants under most scenarios.

Customers know exactly how protected they are

As that name suggests, bullet resistant booths are structures that can resist bullet impacts. According to the National Institute of Justice (NIJ),there are specific levels of bullet resistance: from Level I to Level IV.

In its assessment, the NIJ tests based on bullet specifics, such as velocity, type of round, caliber of the round, and the number of hits on the bullet resistant material. Companies build bullet resistant booths to meet all levels on the NIJ scale. Working to this testing standard, manufacturers can develop booths that are bullet resistant and customers can understand what level of protection they are getting.

Bullet resistant guard booths are fully tested

By working with a leading guard shack manufacturer, you have assurances that shacks pass through tests to reach industry compliance. Security booth companies test materials to ensure they meet the safety standards of bullet resistance. A good place to start is if the manufacturer lists its products as bullet resistant, or ballistic, and not bulletproof.

Even the windows and doors are bullet resistant

A bullet resistant booth would be useless if its walls absorbed bullets, but had windows that shattered at first impact. To deliver the best security outcomes and meet ballistic standards, structures must also have bullet resistant windows, doors, and roofs.

This makes ballistic shacks perfect for police headquarters, border crossings, military bases, and airports.

other valuable tips:

They stand the test of time

While being bullet resistant suggests an inherent structural strength, that is not always the case. The best booth manufacturers will work to ensure your shack not only resists firepower but will also resist Mother Nature. Whether it’s staying structurally sound during storms or being robust enough to remain functional for decades, the best bullet resistant booths are built to last.

Yes, they are more expensive than regular booths

It’s important to decide if a ballistic shack is necessary for your location. Needless to say, if there is any risk of gunfire exposure, you should be prepared to pay an added expense for the sake of further securing your business or facility.

If you have decided you need bullet protection on your booth, the next step is to choose the level of resistance you want. As mentioned, there is a scale of bullet resistance that provides more or less protection depending on your requirements. Higher ballistic ratings demand more challenging construction conditions and are more expensive.

With the information above you will be able to understand everything about bullet resistant booths, and hopefully this will help you determine if the advantages are something your location needs.

Image Credit: guard booths by Pixabay

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