Office on the Go: The Perks of Using a Shipping Container for Your Startup

Office on the Go: The Perks of Using a Shipping Container for Your Startup
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    Innovative people are constantly finding new uses and ingenious solutions for retired cargo containers.

    These corrugated steel boxes which were designed for hauling goods from one side of the world to another are getting increasingly popular for dry land applications.


Their adaptability and ease of modifications resulted in many designs for homes and public buildings, and one of those is a mobile office unit. 

Who Can Benefit from Using Them for Commercial Purposes?

To put it frankly, a shipping container is perfect for self-employed entrepreneurs or small business owners, who are looking to cut the renting expenses. One specific group that is targeted are young people out of college, who are trying to start a small company. If you are innovative, creative, and looking for unique property to locate your startup business, these sustainable, mobile and environmentally friendly offices might be the right thing for you.

What Makes them so Convenient?

First and foremost, they are quiet and comfortable. If you work from home, you must be aware that occupying one room as an office doesn’t always fix it. Noises and foot traffic throughout the house sometimes can make it difficult to focus on your work, not to mention conference calls. Nothing beats it like having a private office in your yard, but building if from scratch is often more difficult than it looks. These containers are designed to be transported, and moved by cranes. And that’s all it takes. No concrete, debris, dust, and builders marching to and fro.

Space and Mobility

These containers come in several sizes, but all of them are optimized for the best use of space. If you select a 40 feet one, you could divide it into several rooms for workplace and storage. Whatever your business niche might be, these convenient offices have room for both your employees and the office equipment. And the best part is that you can move them like figures on a chess board. Let’s say that you operate a travel agency. You can furnish several mobile offices and run your business on the road moving them around the country, targeting potential clients.


Besides their mobility and compactness, the main selling point of these container offices is their adaptability. They can be tailored and customized to your specifications, or you can get one of the pre-set configurations. It doesn’t matter of you need a temporary or permanent workspace. Since they can be modified easily, you can get a fully customized office to the smallest detail. This is another advantage of container offices over the conventional ones, which you have to build from the foundation.

With containers, you have it all at the beginning, you are just sculpting it, removing the unnecessary parts and upgrading the rest. You can even purchase half-finished offices with air conditioning together with electric and broadband installations. Upgrade it with large window panes, sliding doors, extra insulation, or whatever your business calls for.

Eventually, there is a practical side of choosing a container-built office over renting one downtown. Not only is it considerably cheaper, as commercial buildings often strike high rents, but also it can be located closer to your home, or even on your property, cutting the travel time and construction costs.



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