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Happy Customers: How to Improve Your Company’s Shipping Time

Happy Customers: How to Improve Your Company’s Shipping Time
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    Your logistics strategy and efforts play a major role in how satisfied your customers are with your products.

    You need to get your products to market or delivered with a direct shipment in an efficient manner.


More than that, you need the products to be in excellent condition when they arrive.

When you are looking for a great way to improve the speed of your shipping efforts without negatively impacting the quality or condition of your products, turn your attention to these points.

Redesign Your Packaging

The packaging for your products could be hindering speedy delivery. For example, if you have unusually shaped boxes for individual products, they may not be placed on a shipping pallet as efficiently as they otherwise could be if the product packaging was smaller and more uniform or if there was more organization. You can always try different storage and organizational racks from a company like T.P. Supply Co, Inc.

By redesigning your packaging, you may be able to get more products out the door with each shipment. An additional benefit is that this could potentially save your company money.

Package Your Shipments Intelligently

Another thoughtful step is to package your shipments strategically. The shape and size of your packages are important, but you may be able to adjust the shipping platform for more efficient results.

For example, if you currently place your packages into a larger box for shipment, you may be limiting how many products you can ship at a time. You could choose to wrap your boxes on a pallet for faster and easier shipment and improved handling in your warehouses.

Choose Your Transportation Service Provider Carefully

In addition to focusing on packaging in different ways, you also need to consider the logistics of actually shipping your products from one location to another. Your shipping company plays a major role in shipping times as well as costs.

You may be choosing slower delivery times in an effort to save money on shipping, but this can lead to customer dissatisfaction. If your products should be delivered fresh, the added shipping time may affect the quality of your products. Research shipping companies to find a provider that may have a faster delivery time.

Consider Drop Shipments

If your business ships directly to customers or has on-demand shipments to retail locations, drop shipments may be a wonderful idea to consider. These are shipments that are sent directly from the warehouse to customers as soon as they are ordered. Through this process, your customers may receive packages faster.

There are numerous steps that you can take to speed up your shipping process while also ensuring quality. Review your current logistical plan with these tips in mind, and you may discover excellent ways to improve your process.



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