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4 Ways You Can Have Effective Storage in Your Warehouse

4 Ways You Can Have Effective Storage in Your Warehouse
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    Properly laying out your warehouse is critical to making sure your company is following proper storage and handling best practices.

    The ultimate goal is to ensure that the inventory is properly secured, easily accessible, and most importantly, protected from damage.


In order to help you along, here are four critical strategies to follow when maximizing your warehouse space.

Workflow Diagrams

Laying out your warehouse space is critical to understanding how best to position shelving systems. Workflow diagrams and spaghetti diagrams are simple tools that allow you to map out how inventory is stored within your warehouse. You’ll be able to identify problem spots by clearly defining pillars, beams and high-traffic areas where there is a higher probability of inventory damage. Once you’ve mapped out your warehouse, you’ll have a better understanding of how best to reconfigure your warehouse so that damage and injuries are less likely to occur.

Using Heavy-Duty Shelving

Heavy-duty shelving units are critical when storing bulk crates and large containers. These units are sturdy, well-constructed and well-balanced. Forklifts can easily withdraw inventory without risk of inventory damage. Their right-angle construction ensures that weight is evenly distributed across the entire shelving unit so that parcels are always protected against damage. Be sure to understand the weight restrictions when using heavy-duty shelving units so that you never overload a given shelving unit. In addition to shelving that can stand the test of time, acquiring special storage for some materials may be necessary. For example, a Powerblanket may be used in order to keep liquids at a certain temperature for proper use and storage.

Warehouse Floor Tape (Industrial Marking)

You should always use warehouse floor tape or industrial marking tape in order to clearly define high-traffic zones, inventory storage locations, inspection areas and maintenance areas. Warehouse employees should have no problem navigating the warehouse floor so that they are never crossing paths with an oncoming forklift.

Combining Multiple Shelving Systems

Don’t just rely upon heavy-duty shelving systems for all your storage needs. Instead, be sure to combine multiple systems in order to maximize available space. For instance, rivet shelving systems are ideal solutions for warehouse employees that need access to low-level inventory. Employees can easily withdraw inventory without having to rely upon a forklift, scissor lift table and or genie lift. In addition, cantilever rack systems allow warehouse employees to stock billets and planks of raw materials. These are another example of low-level inventory storage systems that are easily accessible.

Maximizing your warehouse space is ultimately about using several different strategies in unison. The idea is to make sure that you empower your warehouse employees to perform to their very best without limiting the space they work in. If you employ these aforementioned four strategies, then you’ll have an easily navigable warehouse where damage is less likely to occur.



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