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Employee Management

How to Foster Healthy Eating Habits at Your Business

If you own or manage a business, keeping your employees healthy can be in your best interest by cutting back on sick days and improving productivity. Because most employees spend the bulk of their days at the workplace, one of the best ways to encourage healthy behavior is to foster good eating habits.

Training & CE

Six Strategies to Develop Better Team Unity in the Workplace

Unity is the key attribute of any highly effective team. Many businesses and groups want their teams to work together with more unity since having a lot of hands on one project can speed up the process, and create better quality work.

Building Management

Things to Consider when Choosing Work Lights

Whether you read, write, work on your computer, or do your craftwork, you need proper task lighting. Work lights can help you be more productive and efficient at whatever you do as poor lighting can cause eye strain.

Business Management

Improving Business Flow: 5 Tips for Improving Everyday Tasks in the Office

Every business wants to be an efficient organization with smooth work flows, but not all businesses can accomplish this.

Sales Management

Five Tools That Can Help You Connect With Your Customer Better

Connecting with customers has never been so important in today’s competitive market and sluggish economy.

Business Travel

How To Decrease Stress From Long Commutes To And From Work

Tweet Here are several ways to decrease stress from long commutes to and from work. Stretch If commuting by train, consider performing a series of calf stretches. The stretches improve

Business Management

Five Things Business Owners Need to Improve Efficiency

Businesses are always looking for ways to become more efficient. Reducing unnecessary steps saves time and employee costs, and opens up the opportunity to plan for the future rather than simply maintain the present status quo.


Six Tech Secrets That Will Make Running Your Online Business Easier

It is highly challenging to launch and to manage an online business successfully and effectively. Once you have the right technology strategy in place, your online business will run much more easily.

Employee Management

What is Workers’ Comp and How Will It Affect Your New Business?

Most new employers do not understand workers’ compensation insurance.

Building Management

Tips to Improve Your Office Building’s Efficiency

When office managers think of energy efficiency, they tend to only think of reducing the monthly energy consumption through superficial methods, such as turning off lights or turning off computers over the weekend.