5 Car Problems People Experience Every Day

5 Car Problems People Experience Every Day
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    Car issues are such a headache. Sometimes the issue is bigger than most are used to, while other times they are common issues people face regularly.


Here are 5 car problems people experience every day.

Your Check Engine Light Comes On

Many have experienced the pure frustration that comes when that orange “check engine” light pops up on your dashboard. This happens so often, because this light is triggered when a sensor has been notified there is an issue somewhere in the car.

It is important to not get to ahead of yourself when this light comes on, considering it could be one of two hundred possible problems that triggered the sensor. Who knows, your gas cap could just not be on all the way!

Brakes Go Bad

Notice that your brakes are making the most awful squeaking noise. That is only one of the numerous signs that you are having brake trouble.

Brake issues come from everyday use of your car. Make sure to keep them well maintained and get them replaced when needed to eliminate your car from not stopping altogether.

The Battery Is Dead

A car battery can die for a multitude of reasons, including corroded or loose battery connection, electrical drains, issues with charging, the vehicle needing more power than the battery can provide, as well as any extreme weather that it might encounter.

To try and eliminate this issue, make sure your headlights are left on, check the overall condition of your battery, and make sure that you are replacing it around every three years – not just when it is necessary.

Your Oil Gets Contaminated

When people neglect engine maintenance for their vehicle, it can cause an assortment of problems, including your oil getting contaminated. Your oil can also be contaminated by not using the correct oil for your vehicle or if your oil pipe breaks or malfunctions. All of these issues can lead directly to a damaged turbocharger.

Oops, You Have a Flat

Either you hit or ran over something, your tire is just no good. This problem can be avoided by keeping your tires rotated and trying your best to not run over objects. Make sure you are diligent when following these because nobody wants to be stuck on the side of the road with a flat.

other valuable tips:

All 5 of these problems are extremely common issues to face when you are a vehicle owner. Be proactive and diligent with your vehicle’s maintenance to ensure that you are not facing one of these car problems people face every day!

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