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How to Avoid Hidden Dangers in the Workplace

How to Avoid Hidden Dangers in the Workplace
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    A workplace should be a safe place.

    However, most workplaces have hidden dangers that don't become apparent until it's too late.


Some of these hidden workplace dangers affect you over a long period of time, while others happen extremely quickly. However, they can all have an effect on your well-being if you’re not aware of them. These are some hidden dangers in the workplace you should be aware of and how to avoid them.

Slippery Surfaces

Many people seriously injure themselves every year by slipping on wet floors and other slippery surfaces. Every business should make sure the necessary safety precautions are taken. Adding signs and isolating affected areas should be a priority.

Install Detectors

Gases, fumes and smoke can seriously affect people’s health. Over the years many individuals have unnecessarily suffered and even died from undetected fumes, gases and smoke. However, today’s detectors are much more advanced and give adequate warning about these hidden dangers. Many businesses have gone one step further by installing fume extraction devices and similar features that remove the threat altogether.

Repetitive Strain Injuries

Some injuries develop over a long period of time. Many jobs involve similar actions being taken over and over again. This can lead to repetitive strain injuries. However, there are many ways to alleviate this problem.

Buying ergonomically designed furniture and equipment will reduce many of these problems. Varying the type of work employees do each day will also reduce the likelihood of repetitive strain injuries. Finally, taking frequent breaks or rests when an employee is doing repetitive work will lessen its impact on the body.

Install Proper Lighting Systems

Poorly lit workplaces have the potential to cause accidents and result in various health problems. Many people are often in a hurry walking from one area to another. In this rush it’s often easy to trip or slip, especially in a cluttered workplace that doesn’t have adequate lighting. Installing a comprehensive lighting system that fully lights up rooms, hallways, warehouses, offices and stairways will reduce the possibility of these types of accidents occurring.

Poorly lit workplaces can effect employees in other ways too. It can affect your sight and even the mental well-being of people, especially if employees spend their whole working day in a dull room.

Working Overtime

Many people decide to work overtime each week. This is an opportunity to make more money and complete more work but it has its disadvantages too. If you work overtime on a frequent basis, this can take its toll on your body and mind. After a while you may start to become fatigued, stressed, become less immune to illnesses and in some cases take unnecessary risk such as driving while tired. This is a hidden risk many people don’t face up to. However, it can become a fatal mistake if you don’t address this problem early.
Most people go to work to improve their lives. However, many people place themselves in danger by working in certain places. These dangers are not always obvious, but they can be life changing. Considering the points above will help you avoid many of the hidden dangers that exist in the modern workplace.



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