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What Are The Steps You Should Take After You Got Injured In The Workplace?

What Are The Steps You Should Take After You Got Injured In The Workplace?
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    Every workplace has the risks and dangers for the employees.

    Some workplaces are more dangerous than others, but in general, an employee can get injured every day and in every workplace.

    And when that happens, it is important to act properly in order to secure the benefits.


As an employee, you should know your rights. One of those rights is the right to seek workers’ compensation benefits if you get injured while performing your regular work duties.

If you received an injury today, or in the past few days, be sure to contact an injury lawyer for legal representation. You are going to need all the help that you can get.

Here are the main steps that you should take after getting injured in the workplace.

Do Not Panic

The most thing that you have to do after getting injured in the workplace is to maintain your composure and to try and remain calm. Panic will not bring you any good, and it may only cause you to make additional mistakes. Instead, try and remain calm for as long as you can. Think about what you should do, and call for help. Whoever is nearby will come to your aid in a matter of seconds. Once you are out of danger, you can proceed with the next step.

Examine Your Injury

It is essential that you immediately asses your injury and do everything in your power to prevent any additional injuries or conditions from developing. That being said, if you are bleeding heavily, apply pressure on your wound until the ambulance arrives.

If you have pieces of glass stuck in your skin, trying to remove them could only cause you greater pain and could tear your veins or ligaments in the process. Act cautiously, and remember that your life is at stake.

Seek Medical Assistance

Going to the hospital is vital for your well-being. However, going to any hospital could cost you more than you could afford to pay. Basically, every company has a list of approved hospitals and healthcare facilities that you can visit if you receive an injury at work.

Visiting these facilities will allow you to seek compensation for your medical bills. On the other hand, visiting your doctor or going to a random hospital will result in you having to pay for your own medical bills, which could be over the roof.

Do not delay the inevitable. Go to the hospital, and get much-needed treatment before your condition worsens. A doctor will also give you something for the pain, and treat your injuries properly. Remember that timing is very important, and that each second matters, especially with life-threatening injuries (injuries to the head, body, stomach penetration wounds, heavy bleeding, and hemorrhage).

Report The Injury

According to the laws and regulations in California, you have up to 30 days from the moment of the accident to report it to your superiors at work. They have to be notified in order for you to be eligible to receive worker’s compensation benefits. Not notifying your superiors will cause you to lose your benefits, and that is something that you want to try and avoid at all costs.

Also, once you let your superiors know of your injury, you will receive additional information about what you should do next, as well as documents that your attorney can later use to file a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf.

Be sure to report the injury as quickly as you can, while you are still fresh with the details from the recent unfortunate event. As soon as you report the injury, your employer will report it with the insurance carrier, and thus set your work comp in motion.

Note: Workers’ compensation program is established to protect the employees, but also to protect the employers as well. Once you agree to file a workers’ compensation claim, you will never be able to file a lawsuit against your employer.

Get an Attorney

If you do not have one already, now would be a good time to find an attorney who will represent you and your best interests. You want someone with the right experience and enough free time to commit to your case. Find an attorney who will focus on your case and provide you with much-needed guidance and counseling.

When selecting an attorney, make sure that you will not be charged for the initial consultation and that all attorney’s fees will be charged once you receive your benefits. That will give you enough free time to use your remaining funds on your recovery, and not worry about paying the attorney. In addition, you should be aware of the contingency – if your claim is by any chance unsuccessful, you will not be obliged to pay for the attorney’s fees.

other valuable tips:

Filing A Claim

The last step in the process is filing the claim. Once you are out of danger and left the hospital, you and your injury lawyer should sit down and discuss the terms of your case. Once you have everything on a piece of paper, you can decide how to proceed.

Note that without an attorney, your chances of obtaining workers’ compensation benefits are very low.

Your attorney will then collect all the required documents, and file a workers’ compensation claim on your behalf. After that, all that is left is to wait for an answer from the Workers’ Compensation Administration.

It may take some time before you receive an answer. Most cases take between 8 to 20 months to settle before you start receiving your benefits. Keep that in mind and spend your remaining funds wisely.

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Los Angeles workers compensation attorney Humberto Kropach at the Law Offices of Kropach & Kropach has been handling complex and difficult workers’ compensation cases. The entire law firm has been committed to protecting the rights of injured workers at the workplace for decades.

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