Risky Business: 4 Common Dangers in the Workplace

Risky Business: 4 Common Dangers in the Workplace
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    Regardless of whether the workplace is a retail store or a construction site, there are similar common dangers that employees will most likely be exposed to or work around.


Below introduces four of the most common workplace dangers.


Industrial-based companies that manufacture products will utilize a lot harmful chemicals. However, regular office-based companies also will have various cleaning chemicals on site. Regardless of the sector, there are always health hazards when working with chemicals. For example, employees who must manufacture products with chemicals should wear special personal protective equipment (PPE), such as eye protection and rubber gloves.

Repetitive-Based Musculoskeletal Disorders

According to OSHA, musculoskeletal disorders are chronic health problems that affect the nerves and muscles. Employees who work in front of computers and those who work in warehouses all can develop similar health problems. For instance, an employee who must type on a non-ergonomic keyboard and a warehouse picker who gathers hard to reach products all day will both develop some type of musculoskeletal disorder.

Any repetitive motions that are improperly performed throughout the day will almost always result in some kind musculoskeletal disorders. Therefore, companies must first make necessary engineering adjustments, such as adjusting physical work spaces, or process adjustments, such as centralizing and simplifying work tasks.

Falls and Slips

Falls are actually the leading cause of injuries and fatalities at work. Depending on the industry, OSHA requires that work sites provide fall protection on distances only four to six feet off the ground. This is because falling only a few feet can have disastrous consequences. For example, an office employee who is using a ladder to fix an overhead light may fall and break a bone. However, slipping on the stairs is also one of the most common causes of workplace injuries. Employees should be trained to use at least three points of contact while using the stairs, especially important during inclement weather. Employees who slip at work because of negligence should consult with attorney Steven P. Roberts about slip and fall injuries, or contact a personal injury attorney in their area.

Struck by an Object

Employees who work in an industrial-based environment, such as a factory or processing center, can be struck by many objects. This is especially true in manufacturing facilities that require employees to handle and move products. However, these employees can also be struck by falling objects or even large moving objects, such as forklifts or equipment. On the other hand, office employees can also be struck by falling objects, especially those who work in archives or inventories. Proper training, awareness campaigns and safety procedures will minimize the risks of being struck by objects.

To recapitulate, the four most common workplace injuries are chemicals, repetitive motion disorders, being struck by an object and falls and slips.



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