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Positive Employee: 4 Ways to Raise Morale in the Workplace

Positive Employee: 4 Ways to Raise Morale in the Workplace
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    As workers are human beings, they are prone to changes in mood and attitude.

    If workers are not happy or are feeling overwhelmed, they may begin to stop working as hard or being as productive as they could be.


What are some things that employers can do to improve morale in the workplace?

Offer Your People More Money

The easiest way to get people to work harder is to offer them more money to do their jobs. In some cases, this may mean that you give your workers a raise to compensate them for taking on extra tasks or working extra hours. It may also mean that you offer bonuses to those who come in early or who otherwise go beyond company performance standards.

Let Your Workers Stay Home on Fridays

Work doesn’t feel quite as bad when you don’t actually have to go into the office to do your job. Allowing workers to telecommute allows them to get up slightly later, avoid traffic and work in an environment that is more suited to their needs. If you can’t allow employees to work from home, you may want to consider a relaxed dress code on Fridays or some other way to lighten the mood on a slow day.

Play Games to Motivate Workers to Do More

If you notice that your people aren’t staying busy during slow times or don’t seem to be providing the best service to your customers, you could get angry about it. However, the best decision may be to turn busy work or customer service into a game. For instance, employee gamification can help turn work into something more. That should put your workers in a better mood and make it easier for them to produce at a level that you expect from them.

Provide Recognition to Your People

In some cases, a problem with morale occurs because your workers don’t feel as if they are recognized for their hard work. To solve this issue, make it a point to say thank you or provide a certificate of accomplishment to those who go above and beyond expectations. For those who deliver excellence on a daily basis, it may be a good idea to hold a banquet or write an article about that person that appears in the local paper.

When employees are happy and feel good about themselves, they will work to their true potential. Therefore, as an employer, you don’t want to leave money on the table because of lost productivity or lose sales because customers didn’t enjoy their shopping experience. Instead, do whatever it takes to keep your people happy on the job.



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