4 Ways to Inform Employees of Their Worker’s Comp Options

4 Ways to Inform Employees of Their Worker’s Comp Options
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    If you have employees, you generally have to carry workers' compensation insurance.

    This will compensate your workers for medical bills related to an injury that occurs on the job or while carrying out duties on the company's behalf.


It will also pay a worker a portion of his or her salary while out of work. How can you notify workers of their rights to such benefits?

Create Posters to Place in the Break Room

A poster is a generally acceptable way to inform workers of their rights to obtain benefits after getting hurt. Typically, a poster will have to include what workers’ compensation is, what workers get by filing, and how to file. It may also need to include information about what to do if a claim is denied.

Talk about Benefits during the Onboarding Process

As part of employee orientation and training, you should take time to talk about workers’ compensation benefits and what they entitle workers to. Professionals, like those at Oxner + Permar, LLC, know that employees should know that a workplace injury could happen whether someone is working on a computer all day, or working with heavy machinery. Workers should understand how to report an injury and when they should seek medical attention if they are hurt.

Include Workers’ Compensation Information in Employee Handbook

Employees should have access to a handbook that outlines their rights in the event of an injury. It should also include information about the FMLA and other laws that may cover them if they are out of work for any reason. The HR department should make themselves available to answer any questions that may come up. It may also be worthwhile to direct workers to call the workers’ compensation insurance provider directly.

Hold Training Meetings Regularly

It is important to understand that the workers’ compensation rules may change from year to year. Therefore, it is a good idea to hold meetings that allow workers to learn about and ask questions about those changes. You can choose to hold the meetings yourself, have someone from HR conduct them or bring in legal counsel to help direct them. Training may also be conducted online assuming that attendance can be verified.

Workers have the right to know about their options if they are ever hurt on the job. Even if it wasn’t the law, a good company takes care of its people. By ensuring that employees get the benefits that they deserve after an accident, it makes it easier for them to recover and return to work as productive members of your organization.



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