Hard Times? 4 Marketing Techniques That Will Keep Your Business Afloat

Hard Times? 4 Marketing Techniques That Will Keep Your Business Afloat
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    When a business is struggling to bring in revenue, the best way to save it is to find new customers and generate more sales.

    To achieve this, a business has to invest in marketing itself to new audiences.


Here are four marketing strategies you can use to keep a struggling business afloat and, in the long term, build it up into a successful enterprise that reliably turns a profit.

Use Influencers

If you want to generate sales quickly, one of the best approaches is to use what is known as influencer marketing. In influencer marketing, businesses pay people with blogs, email lists or large social media followings to promote specific products and services. Find an influencer in the same niche as your products, and pay that person to promote them. Though the upfront costs can be fairly high, the huge advantage of influencer marketing is the fact that it can drive sales more quickly than almost any other form of advertising.

If you find an influencer who produces a strong return on your investment, consider working with that person again. You also shouldn’t limit yourself to influencers with millions of followers. So-called micro-influencers, those with audiences of only a few thousand, can also be extremely useful in promoting your products to the masses.

Make Better Use of LinkedIn

If you run a business, there’s a good chance you already have a LinkedIn page for it. Most business owners, however, don’t use LinkedIn to its fullest potential. Rather than just having a business page, try posting content regularly to increase the possibility of engagement. Don’t be afraid to directly promote your products, as many professionals with disposable income or investment capital use LinkedIn to make purchasing decisions.

A great example of the best approach to LinkedIn is the telecommunications company ACN, which uses a combination of useful content and direct promotion to drive sales. To those who have heard of ACN, pyramid scheme might come to their mind. Yet, there’s a huge difference between a direct sales approach and a pyramid scheme and companies like ACN are able to use LinkedIn to combat that idea about their companies. One of the tools that the site provides that aids in this is by letting users blog informative and professional content that can be shared around by other profiles.

Use Content to Build an Email List

An email list is one of the most valuable marketing assets any business can have. If you want to drive more sales and acquire new customers, consider using content marketing to build your email list. Write blog posts about topics relevant to your industry, then offer an opt-in when people visit your website to read them.

Be sure to provide value in your emails, rather than just promoting products. The more trust you can build with the people who receive your emails, the more likely they will be to eventually buy one of your products. If possible, consider putting together a short e-book or PDF that will teach your readers something useful, and then offer it for free to anyone who signs up to your list.

Invest in Website SEO

Good SEO, or search engine optimization, is invaluable to helping new customers find your business. Improving your SEO is a process that will take some time and likely some investment in professional SEO services, but it will pay off in the form of more website traffic and more opportunities to convert casual visitors into customers.

The best part about SEO is the fact that it is largely passive once it is in place. Your initial investment in SEO will bring in more customers days, weeks, months and possibly even years down the road. The sooner you begin, you sooner you can start seeing the benefits of a well-optimized website.

Between them, these four ideas will help your business acquire more sales quickly while at the same time positioning it for greater success in the medium to long-term. Start implementing these strategies in your business, and you’ll be able to get through hard times while building a more positive future on the other end of them.



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