5 Ways to Secure Your Business

5 Ways to Secure Your Business
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    You will undoubtedly have worked hard to create a successful business.

    So the thought of someone attempting to destroy your company will most likely fill you with anger.


Unfortunately, there are many threats out there, such as data theft, website hacking and online fraud. Whether you are a small, medium or large company, it is vital you identify ways to secure your company operations as much as possible.

Employee Education

One of the biggest threats to your company could be your employees’ lack of security knowledge. It is therefore the responsibility of a business owner to provide essential security education to all departments, which means informing every member of staff about the importance of generating a strong password, performing necessary system updates and downloading unknown files.

Enterprise Security

Cybersecurity offers many challenges. You will want to identify potential threats affecting your company’s operations; however, it is impossible to physically monitor your security issues all the time. Fortunately, there are ways to consistently detect existing, new or emerging threats with Masergy‘s Unified Enterprise Security™, which combines machine intelligence with regular human monitoring. You can therefore focus on your business performance, rest assured your company is protected at all times.

A Security Policy

Do you have a policy in place should your business suffer a security problem? If you haven’t, you must create one. Create a business security strategy that details how your employees must act should you experience a threat to your operations. The policy should explain the plan of action to protect company data, software and resources – as well as any marketing actions your business would be required to take. Whilst you might never need to use it, it is essential you have a plan at the ready should the worst happen, regardless of whether you are a small or large company.

Password Management

There is nothing more important to security than your password – because one weak password can result in a threat becoming a problem for your company. Many large companies are therefore turning to effective password management tools to ensure they can effectively monitor and change their company passwords in an instant.

Previous employees can also pose a risk to office security, which is why you should regularly update any passwords after a member of staff leaves the business. You may believe an ex-employee is trustworthy, but it is important to not take any chances with your security, so ensure you change your passwords every time.

Wipe Your Hard Drives

So many companies make the mistake of throwing away an old computer or device without wiping the hard drive. However, you can trust data thieves won’t be afraid to go through your rubbish to find a security goldmine. It’s not just your computer that can suffer a hard drive breach, either, because your copy machines can also store data documents on the system, which can be accessed until the files are overwritten – so don’t make a big mistake and successfully wipe your computer and copy machines before you throw them away.



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