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Unhackable: Protecting Your Network Email from Being Compromised

Unhackable: Protecting Your Network Email from Being Compromised
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    Almost everyone has their own email account and receives multiple emails in a day.

    The problem that many individuals face is their network email accounts being hacked and compromised.


Having your email account hacked is very frustrating and can lead to problems in the future, especially if you receive personal, business or even financial-related emails on a daily basis. Making your email account less easy to hack can help to prevent these major problems from happening in the future, allowing you to have an account you trust and one that is fully protected.

Using Security Tools

There are many ways that you can make your email account less easy for hackers to get access to, even if the hackers are bots that are created specifically to get into these types of accounts. One way to better equip your email accounts is to utilize Global Learning security awareness products that work diligently to check for suspicious activity on your accounts. These products will alert you if they feel that someone is trying to log into your account from an outside source or other computer that is not known to your network.

The Power of Your Password

You will also want to put emphasis on the password that you use for the email account, and don’t be afraid to change it often. Changing your password should ideally be done every few months, and it’s important to change it to a completely different password as opposed to just adding letters, numbers or symbols at the end of your current password. By changing your password frequently, you will be a lot harder for hackers to crack in terms of your email accounts.

Many email servers will also allow you to create multiple accounts for your own needs, and this is definitely something that you may want to consider. Having multiple emails with a variety of different passwords lets you receive your emails specific to that account without worrying that everything is under one account that could be compromised.

Keeping your network email account from being compromised just takes a bit of work and diligence on your own part. You will find that putting extra effort into securing your account, either through security products or password changes, will make you less of a target to hackers. While most hackers will use email accounts that they’ve compromised to spam, some hackers actually get into these accounts with the sole purpose of stealing financial information and your personal identity.

These problems can cause major issues for you in the near future, so it is best to prevent your email account from being hacked in the first place to avoid all of these problems altogether for yourself.



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