Shipping Problems: Why Packages Get Damaged

Shipping Problems: Why Packages Get Damaged
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    There are a plethora of reasons why packages get damaged. In this article, we will explore a few of the most common.

    Hopefully, business owners will find this list helpful as they improve and refine their shipping processes.


Too Much Empty Space in the Package

If you want to reduce damages to your products, one of your first steps is to get the right-sized package. When your box is noticeably larger than your product, it’s more likely that the product will move around inside.

This jostling could damage the product as well as its package. Furthermore, when you use a box too big for its product, you end up overpaying on the weight for shipping. The result is a high payment for a damaged process.

Poor Handling

Another common reason why packages get damaged is they are handled poorly along the supply chain.

Even when the boxes are marked with the words “fragile material,” it doesn’t necessarily mean they will be treated accordingly. Thankfully, you can get insurance for poor handling.

Not Enough Cushioning Material

If a package is too large, it can be protected from tarnishing or breaking if it’s coated with enough cushioning material. Businessowners use such varied materials as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and kraft paper to protect units from shipping damages.

People who use poly mailers might consider bubble mailers. If there is not enough material to contain the product, it may move around and break.

Water and Humidity Damage

Changes in weather along a shipping route can result in damages. Furthermore, packages left outside a person’s home can experience damage due to rain or humidity. If the package sees excessive condensation, it can warp, grow mold, or corrode.

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If you ship food products, you’ll need to consider the possibility that insects or animals could damage products when they’re on large freight ships or during overseas shipments. Avoid this by giving your products sturdy, secure packaging.

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