The Different Ways To Recycle and Reuse Wooden Pallets

The Different Ways To Recycle and Reuse Wooden Pallets
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    Using wooden pallets is one of the most popular options for moving and storage pallets used in warehouses.

    It's easy to understand why when realizing all of the benefits they have to offer.


The many ways to recycle and reuse them is one of the major ones. Understanding different means of pallet recycling will only help your business further thrive. Learn about the different ways to recycle and reuse wooden pallets by reading below.

Return Programs That Offer Refurbishing

It’s always best to discard of old or broken wooden pallets through some form of recycling. The recycling of wooden pallets includes reusing them.

Your wooden pallets tend to always be reusable in some capacity. If you choose to use a return program, you can return pallets back to manufacturers and earn credits for new pallets with them.

One of the best options with return programs, however, is refurbishing. You can send in broken pallets to be refurbished for a small fee, which you’ll get back ready for use again.

This is one of the greatest ways your business benefits from refurbished pallets, as it creates a much more sustainable plan for your business than constantly buying brand new pallets when others break.

Used Pallets Can Be Sold

Of the different ways to recycle and reuse wooden pallets, selling your used pallets is a great option. You can sell old and unneeded pallets through a few different sources.

There are companies that deal strictly in pallet recycling that will take your old pallets. You can also look into third-party vendors that are willing to pay you a price for your pallets, which they will then turn around and sell to other companies seeking used pallets once they’ve done necessary repairs on them.

Lastly, you can also contact scrap pallet buyers that are looking for resources such as wood, which they can take from the pallets.

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Do Pallet Giveaways

While making money off your old or unwanted pallets can be great for business, you shouldn’t discount the idea of giving away your pallets for free to places that could make use of them. Recycling and reusing should be about the principle rather than just making money.

When countless businesses are consistent in using refurbished, used wooden pallets, this decreases the need for new pallets, which means fewer trees have to be chopped down. Recycling wooden pallets makes for a more sustainable, greener industry. Consider putting out an ad for pallets you’re looking to get rid of.

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