Everything That You Need to Know About Gantry Crane

Everything That You Need to Know About Gantry Crane
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    When you look out for gantry crane for sale in the market, they would be available in different capacities and purposes.

    Each model has it own utility and capacity, found use in different industries and different uses.


Some types of gantry crane for sale comes with an adjustable height feature while some models are fixed. The fixed gantry cranes are usually made of aluminum. Every gantry craneis made from aluminum. These cranes are designed with a cross beam and two upright beams.

It contains two legs that are shaped into an A-frame design with wheels located right at the bottom to make it easier for the user to move from one place to the other. The smaller version of the gantry cranes find use in small manufacturing jobs and moving large components from one location to the other. In big warehouses, these cranes can be used to move bulkier and heavy materials and sometimes are moved across the entire length of a warehouse. The smaller gantry crane for sale has a capacity of 2 tons.

The various parts of a gantry crane are-

  • Crane boom
  • Hook
  • Operating cabin
  • Storage equipment
  • Lateral movement system
  • Vertical frame and braces

Uses of Gantry Cranes

A gantry crane is a type of crane that lifts objects with the help of hoist, which in turn is fitted to a hoist trolley and that moves horizontally on a pair of rails or a rail, which in turn are fitted right under a beam. The other types of cranes that can be compared to the gantry crane are the overhead cranes and bridge crane.

Gantry cranes are cranes that can lift very heavy objects. These cranes are usually used by companies that are into shipbuilding. These cranes cradle the parts of the ship that can be used to fit into the body of the ship. The other models of a gantry craneare the ones that run on rubber tires, which necessitates that these models have tracks as well. The smaller models of a gantry crane for sale can be used in shops that need to lift and assemble cars.

Availability of Gantry Cranes

As noted earlier, people can find a gantry crane for sale easily in the market. However, the customer should exercise due care and caution while buying one. Some of the tips when it comes to looking for a gantry crane for sale are-

  • The gantry crane should be purchased from a reliable company.
  • The company that is selling the gantry crane should have a good standing in the market. The company should follow a standard set of procedures to manufacture quality cranes.
  • The customer should look at the warranties and guarantees offered by the crane manufacturers.
  • Finally, the customer should ensure that crane is installed by a professional. Also, the installation personnel should demonstrate how to work with the crane and ensure that your operator is able to operate the crane comfortably. A customer should never try to install the crane on his own unless he has extensive experience in the installation of gantry cranes.

It is a wise idea to look for gantry cranes for sale. Care should be taken during maintenance and the users should ensure that every part of the crane is functioning properly. Renting out a gantry crane has its own advantages, too. The primary advantage is that the user must pay very less compared to the purchasing a gantry crane. Also, the user need not worry about the maintenance of the gantry crane if he is renting it out.



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