Mistakes Rookie Firefighters Make

Mistakes Rookie Firefighters Make
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    Everybody starts their career somewhere, but whether you're an accountant, nurse, or firefighter, you're probably starting at the bottom.


Now, we know that each of those career paths are wildly different—the point is, when you’re starting out, you have a lot to learn still. However, if you’re a firefighter, the nature of your job involves a lot of risk.

Plus, every station has its own “fire code.” To help you avoid embarrassing yourself, check out these mistakes rookie firefighters make.

Having a sense of entitlement

For whatever reason, some beginner firefighters seem to think they’re entitled to respect because they’re a firefighter. Sure, in general, you deserve respect like anybody else.

However, just like any other career, you have to earn the respect of your chief and fellow firefighters. If you can’t accept that, or you go into the job with an arrogant attitude, you won’t last very long.

Lacking professionalism

While you made the cut and got through the interview and physical tests, that doesn’t give you an excuse for tardiness. A lot of rookies seem to think it’s okay to be late occasionally—that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, life happens, and your chief and team will understand. However, if you’re consistently showing up late, people are going to assume they can’t rely on you.

Wearing PPE wrong

If you make this mistake, it’s likely that most of the crew will have some fun teasing you. However, your team also understands that the personal protective equipment (PPE) is there for your safety, so they’ll probably help you out.

The best way to avoid wearing your gear wrong is by practicing and developing a routine. If you need to, get your own firefighter PPE for practicing at home.

Not maintaining equipment

Firefighters should always clean and maintain their equipment after every response. Some new firefighters either don’t know this is protocol, or they merely ignore it. However, failure to clean PPE and other equipment can lead to some serious health issues.

other valuable tips:

When responding to a fire, firefighters encounter soot, smoke, chemicals, and more. That soot then adheres to PPE and, if gear isn’t thoroughly cleaned, you’ll inhale extremely harmful substances.

There’s no question that firefighters are vital to everyone’s safety. Additionally, firefighters have to start somewhere just like everybody else––except firefighters have a more dangerous job than most of us. Don’t make these rookie firefighter mistakes so you stay safe.

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