5 Ways to Make a Great Impression in Business

5 Ways to Make a Great Impression in Business
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    It has been suggested, that first impressions are formed within the first three seconds of meeting someone.

    In business, the impression that you make could determine whether or not a deal is successful. That is why it is vital for you to go into every meeting with confidence and style.


Don’t just focus on those first three seconds. Concentrate on maintaining an air of professionalism at all times. You need to strike the perfect balance between being likeable and being respectable. Below are five ways for you to make a great impression in the business world.

Arrive in style

One way to ensure that you exude confidence is by arriving at your meetings in style. Driving around in a run-down vehicle will suggest that you don’t have a tight grip on your life or your finances. That is why you need to invest in a professional car that will make the right impression. The Lexus Glasgow location is a fantastic place to find a range of vehicles that will suit your needs. Work with their experts to find the best deal for your money. Remember to select a model that is well-suited to a professional lifestyle.

Present your contact details effectively

In business, it is essential that people know how to get in contact with you. Make sure that you have invested in professional business cards that have been personalized to include your company colors and logo. Don’t cut corners and opt for the cheaper option. Thick, embossed cards will make it clear that you are running a successful business that cares about quality.

Think about how you present yourself

You don’t have to be an avid follower of fashion in order to make a good impression. Just remember to make it clear that you have spent some time on your appearance. Don’t turn up to your meetings in a scruffy suit that hasn’t been washed or ironed. Instead, choose an outfit that reflects good personal hygiene and your dedication to remaining professional. However, if you are a savvy shopper, you can use your outfit as an opportunity for self-expression.

Work on your handshake and body language

When you are communicating with other people, it is important that your body language isn’t letting your down. Simple tips, such as not folding your arms, will help you to appear more approachable. You should also take the time to practice your handshake. An overly firm handshake suggests aggression. However, a limp handshake suggests a weakness in character. Practice on your loved ones until you’ve found a happy medium.

Remember to follow up

After a successful meeting, many entrepreneurs are let down by their failure to follow up. Make sure that you’re not one of them. Instead, remember to take the contact details of the person you’ve been meeting with. Then, send them a personalized email. In your email, you should thank them for their time, express your pleasure in meeting them, and outline your suggestions for the future. They will be impressed by your initiative.



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