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Building Management

Why Rent Office Space for Your Business?

For this reason, you need to make sure your choice of office space reflects your vision of what your company is and will be. After all, the workplace is not


5 Tips for Decking Out Your Business’s LinkedIn Page

This move has accelerated since Microsoft bought LinkedIn in 2016. If your business doesn’t have an up to date LinkedIn page then your company is losing out on potential talent

Business Management

What Not to Do If Your Business Is Failing

You know the figures, you understood the risks when you launched your startup, and still the pain and disappointment of putting your blood, sweat, and tears into your enterprise, only

Raising Capital

What Are Short Term Business Loans and Why Do You Need It?

Here you will find the basic terminologies as well as concept of the short term loans in order to understand the process. Short term business loans are a type of

Employee Issues

How to Keep the Common Cold from Passing Around the Office

Here are a handful of simple tips and tricks business owners can use to prevent the common cold from being passed around the office. Encourage Vaccinations Employers can’t legally force

Other Business Topics

Three Ways To Avoid Back Pain When You’re At Your Desk All Day During A Hectic Business Period

Provided these super busy periods are only temporary, this is usually OK. Some late nights and living off take-out food for a little while won’t do you any long-term harm,

Business Security

Business Break-in? 4 Steps to Take Immediately

These events are devastating, and you need to do everything in your power to make sure that your business can move forward as quickly as possible. Here are four steps

Storage & Shipping

Happy Customers: How to Improve Your Company’s Shipping Time

More than that, you need the products to be in excellent condition when they arrive. When you are looking for a great way to improve the speed of your shipping

Sales Management

What Are the Benefits of Inbound & Outbound Telemarketing?

Each one comes with its own benefits. This guide can help determine which form of telemarketing would be best for you. Inbound Telemarketing Benefit: Customers Call You Telemarketing is long

Building Management

8 Essential Things to Look For in a Shared Office Space

This can be a turning point for your business, but where do you start? For many budding businesses, a shared office space has become an increasingly viable option. Many freelancers,


Everything You Need to Know About Small Business Loans

In such situation, your best bet is to get a small loan for your business from the bank. Small business owners who are confident about their business can get a


5 Investments to Consider in 2018

Nevertheless, there are also great alternatives to consider. Diversifying your investment portfolio is always a good thing to do and we now have plenty of opportunities to invest in. As


What Investment Options Do Businesses Have?

Here are a few investment options open to businesses. Money Market Funds Keeping cash in business checking accounts provides little or no interest return. Some banks will allow overnight transfer

Information Technology

Up to Date: 3 Reasons Automation Should Be in Your Business’ Future

Any mundane or repetitive task could potentially be automated. While there is cost associated with investing in new automation technology, the results for your business can be astounding. In fact,


How to Get Referrals & Use Them to Grow Your Business

Nearly all small businesses report referrals as their main source of new business. Look at developing or improving your referral business as part of your marketing strategy. Here are some