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Best Tips for Improving Building Security

Best Tips for Improving Building Security
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    Any small business owner or Realtor knows the burden of surveying their properties.

    Depending on the area, this can range from zero-risk to high-risk importance.


Nevertheless, even if you’re located in a safe area, there are still some considerations to make. Every property owner must read these best tips for improving building security for full protection over their assets.

Assess the Risks

The first step to improve your building security is assessing the risks. It’s common sense that you should scout out your building’s neighborhood or area. While you can never know for certain whether a crime or act of vandalization will happen to your business, you can at least be aware of any risk before establishing your presence.

Identify all risks, then create a cohesive plan of action. This should account for these risks as well as mitigative practices to avoid further issues.

Secure the Perimeter

The next step is to secure your perimeter because this acts as your first line of defense. Once you’ve created a safety precaution plan and risk assessment, you’ll see the weak points in your business or building layout.

There are many ways you can improve these weak spots. Install lights in parking lots, stairwells, and dark alleys to reduce the chance of criminal activity.

Additionally, trees and shrubs supply ample natural protection as well. You can also install stainless steel bollards in front to protect against vehicles or heavy machinery.

Place Security Cameras

While lights and bollards help tremendously, they cannot catch criminals like security cameras do. That’s why you should install security cameras around the perimeter of your building.

Typically, these use a closed-circuit TV system that monitors your building for a full 24-hour period. You can review all previous footage from the backhouse computer network for suspicious activity.

With that, consider placing your cameras strategically around the exterior. Having cameras that can monitor doors and windows is ideal as these are high-risk entryways. While cameras observe malicious behavior, they also act as a deterrent against future suspects wary of getting caught.

Replace Locks

Unless your entry system is already electronic, you should replace your locks with this system. After all, keyless entry is one of the best tips for improving building security.

Traditional locks are simple to break into if crooks know how to pick a lock. Otherwise, keys are replaceable, and a malicious person could produce a copy of the master key.

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Electronic locks, on the other hand, avoid this issue. While they may have their own security risks (e.g., hacking), these are harder to access. Computerized locking systems just use a back-office network that manages all entryways based on a collective or individual password system.

Set Clear Security Policies With Law Enforcement

Finally, establish connections with your local law enforcement agency for greater protection. Community engagement should be a high priority for your business, which includes engagement with first responders.

Communicate with local fire stations and police stations to monitor or respond to disturbance calls at your building. While it’s their duty to service your emergency calls, keeping a strong relationship with these agencies may help prioritize your building over others.

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