Advantages of Aqueous Cleaning Systems

Advantages of Aqueous Cleaning Systems

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4.5 out of 5
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    In the world of industrial metal cleaning, there is more than one way to get the job done.

    There are a variety of powerful solvents available to clean and degrease metal surfaces, each with their own advantages.


One of these options is aqueous cleaning. Aqueous cleaning, which uses water-based solvents, water heated to high levels, and mechanical agitation, may seem simple; however, the advantages of aqueous cleaning systems put them ahead of other options.

Safer Solutions

The one challenge with other solvents is that they contain volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. VOCs are relatively common and can be found in a number of domestic products such as paint, but they can pose problems to workers.

VOCs can become irritants to the eyes and nose and make breathing difficult. They may also be carcinogenic. Along with this, they may also impact air quality. Aqueous cleaning systems are VOC-free and are safe for workers and the environment. 

Along with removing harsh chemicals, aqueous systems are also nonflammable. Flammable cleaning solutions are an even greater safety concern. Not only does this impact those who are working with the machines, but also everyone in the facility and the surrounding area.

Having to work with a machine that poses a greater fire hazard also costs the facility money in time and resources as they have to provide more training and safety precautions for that machine. Using aqueous cleaning solutions circumnavigates all of this. 


Along with being safe, aqueous systems are highly versatile and can be used for a variety of products. Wash systems such as hot tanks and chain mesh belt washers can be used to wash smaller parts, like pieces of piping or engine components, while other machines can be used to wash larger metal components. Rotary tables can even be used to wash full-sized forklifts.

Aqueous wash systems also have the benefit of being used on multiple types of materials. Because aqueous systems use safe, nonreactive solutions, they can be used on a variety of metals for numerous of purposes. Because wash systems are water based, they can also be used on plastics without damaging plastic’s structural integrity. This makes aqueous cleaning systems effective for a wider range of operations. 

Efficiency and Cost

Aqueous cleaning solutions are also known for running on lower cycle times. This helps increase the efficiency of facilities by getting products cleaned and ready for further processing more quickly.

other valuable tips:

Lower cycle times also mean that aqueous cleaning systems utilize less energy, which will cost facilities less money. Using less energy and water will also help make facilities more environmentally friendly.

There are many choices for industrial surfaces cleaning and for facility managers wanting to make a responsible choice for their operations. An aqueous cleaning system’s advantages make it an effective choice for any facility working with metal or plastics on a wide scale.

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