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Six Tips for Increasing Productivity and Limiting Sick Days of Employees

Six Tips for Increasing Productivity and Limiting Sick Days of Employees
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    Discouraging employees from missing several days of work can be challenging, especially in the winter during flu season.

    But there are ways to promote productivity and reduce absenteeism with minimal cost or inconvenience.


Offer an incentive program

Give employees with perfect attendance over a six-month period a bonus and recognition. Names can be announced in the company newsletter or website, and a cash bonus can be awarded. The money spent on bonuses will reduce costs associated with unfinished work by absent employees, especially if temporary workers are hired.

Give the office a professional cleaning

This can be done once or twice a year, depending on the size and type of company facilities. A thorough cleaning by experts will eliminate allergens, mold, dust, and any toxic residue that can build up and make employees sick or uncomfortable. A holistic approach would be to include having the walls and ceilings wiped down, along with vents, bathrooms, and other areas where unhealthy substances can accumulate. Choose Majik in NYC, or a cleaning service near you, to ensure that your business is always a safe and clean place for both customers and employees.

Provide onsite wellness programs

Weight loss programs, whether short-term or ongoing, are popular and successful among many companies. Smoking cessation is also a welcome option. Stress reduction and conflict management may be offered as workshops to help employees deal with tension at work. Employees who participate in these programs often conquer bad health habits and begin to show better job attendance.

Hire a part-time onsite medical practitioner

Sometimes a business will hire a part-time staff nurse, physician, or counselor to assist employees with triage or job-related issues. The cost of adding this person to the staff will be offset by less absenteeism and perhaps reduced insurance payouts if the company provides health insurance.

Keep wellness resources on hand

Videos, online tutorials, and books placed in the lunch room can be indirect ways of helping employees who are struggling with the topics covered. You can also include links to wellness resources in company e-newsletters and emails.

Keep the office well ventilated and bright

An attractive, airy work environment makes the job more enjoyable. Adjust the indoor temperature for seasonal comfort and maintain adequate lighting to avoid SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) in the winter when there is less sunshine.

Efforts like these can make a big difference in encouraging employees to be at work each day and work on staying healthy. Companies who offer programs and initiatives like these will be perceived by employees as caring and supportive, and will reap the reward of employee satisfaction and appreciation.



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