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Accounting & Tax

Top 3 Important Things about Taxes Startups Must Know

Turning ideas into products is not an easy thing to do. Starting a company to help make your best ideas into products and services customers can benefit from can be even trickier.

Accounting & Tax

Importance of Small Business Accounting and Tax Services

Small or big, no business can hide from the IRS. Filling tax returns is mandatory as is keeping good records of accounts.

Small Business Tips

8 Money Saving Tips for the New Business Owner

The entrepreneur is just another word for Bootstrapper, an individual who has started a business with pluck and determination, but perhaps without the financial resources to make it big from the start.

Business Brokerage

Do You Know What Your Business Is Worth?

Tweet If you operate an online-only enterprise, one that relies exclusively on advertising income, then your business might be valued at 12 times its average monthly earnings. Thus, if you

Business Planning

Business Structure: S Corporation

When starting a business you have a number of different Business structures to consider. An S Corporation one such structure, representing a special type of corporation chosen as part of an IRS tax choice.

Small Business Tips

Save Money with the Home Office Tax Deduction

If you manage a home-based business, you may be eligible to take a federal tax deduction. Such a deduction can reduce your tax burden, saving you money.

Business Exit Planning

Business Exit Planning: Getting Out

Is it time for you to get out of business? Here, you have a number of options to include: selling your business, liquidating your assets, transferring ownership or even filing for bankruptcy.

Business Management

7 Challenges of the Entrepreneur

You are a budding entrepreneur, an individual who is simply not willing to settle for the status quo. Your vision for working for yourself is about to come to fruition as you have found the right business model with much potential for success.