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Don’t Let Your Employees Down by Forgetting These Safety Precautions

Don’t Let Your Employees Down by Forgetting These Safety Precautions
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    Every employee has the right to work in a workplace that is free of hazards and dangers that will seriously injure or harm him or her.

    In the U.S., The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) ensures safe and healthy working conditions for employees.


In Canada, The Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS) is the equivalent of OSHA. In order to guarantee worker safety, the federal government in both countries require every employer to provide safety precautions at the workplace. While there are multiple safety precautions that companies are responsible for, here are four safeguards that every employer should provide.

Remove Unsafe Work Tools and Equipment

Every year, there are many serious and some fatal on-the-job accidents that occur from faulty equipment. Make certain that employees are provided safe tools and equipment to properly operate and maintain machinery, devices, and other apparatus. If any tool or equipment that employees use to complete a job is broken or not working to its full capacity, the manager on duty should remove the tool, device, or equipment from the area and report the problem through the proper chain of command.

Post Safety Guidelines

Post updated operating and safety procedures in a designated and visible area. Also, establish an injury or illness procedure so that employees follow safety and health requirements if they or another co-worker is hurt or falls ill while on the clock.

Place Safety Kits in a Nearby Area

Provide safety equipment such as spill control kits, fire alarms, high visibility apparel, emergency lighting, body protection gear, first-aid kits, and any other safety equipment applicable to the job in a prominent area in the workplace. Companies should contract with a safety equipment company, such as Nutech Safety Ltd., to provide all types of safety equipment so that your business meets safety compliance guidelines.

Color Code Hazard Signs and Labels

Use color coded arrows, prominent exit-sign posters, hazardous materials labels, and heavy traffic area signs to warn employees of potential hazards. Whether the company conducts business in a high-risk industry or a typical office, these indicators will help employees use precaution and discernment when at work, as well as protect your company against costly liability lawsuits.

Workplace safety guidelines and policies must incorporate expected and unforeseen accidents. A secure work place is based on how often and effectively management communicates safety standards and on how well employees adhere to all safety policies. A safety oriented workplace encourages employees to report unsafe behaviors and identify opportunities for improvement while allowing management time to make the proper adjustments to remove unsafe equipment or improve dangerous work areas.



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