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Business Blogging Gives Your Company an Edge

Business Blogging Gives Your Company an Edge
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    One of the best ways for your company to reach customers is through your website.

    That site should be optimized to have your pages appear for all the important keywords in the search engine results pages or SERPs.


But your website may not provide enough information to satisfy your customers and to hold their attention. Indeed, if you can contribute your own perspective as the business owner, then you may be on to something. Here’s how to help your business blog rock your world.

Blogging Basics

Business managers, including company owners, CEOs and CIOs may not feel comfortable with the mere mention of the word, blog. After all, blogs are nothing but carefully rearranged words that marketers have scrambled from press releases and added to the site, right?

Well, nothing could be farther from the truth. Indeed, a blog, such as WordPress, is simply a content management system. Specifically, that means the quality of the content can range from middle school quality writing to scholarly — it is up to the blogger how that information will be presented.

At the same time, the company’s boss need not worry about uploading articles. Incidentally, the best approach here is for the boss to write or dictate the work and allow someone else to handle the finer details such as fact checking, editing, acquiring photos, optimizing and such.

Blogging Essentials

The advantage of a blog is that it gives the CEO a platform from which to voice his thoughts. The ease of sharing that information is invaluable too — you have access to a platform that can gain wide distribution and be found online.

Blogging is also better than social media. With social media you are limited by the amount of space you can use to say something, especially on Twitter. Moreover, blogging is also better because your company owns the site. Anyway, use a third-party platform and you risk losing the information that your supervisor offered.

Marketing Effort

Although you may not feel especially comfortable sharing product or service information through your writings, blogging can provide a platform for that and more. Furthermore, you have the capacity to share from your personal knowledge, what can get the attention of your customers.

There is something to be said about providing access to the CEO that is attractive about blogging. And, you can decide whether to allow comments or not and if you do how long you will keep those comments open.

Networking Tool

Another advantage of contributing to your business’ blog is that the CEO has access to a valuable networking tool. And by networking that means everyone else who blogs from other executives to experts in your field.

Contributing to a blog raises your company’s visibility in ways that you may not have foreseen. Subsequently, not only can it enhance your business-to-customer relationships, but it may ramp up your business-to-business activities.

Blog Considerations

Certainly, work with your executives and public relations teams to hash out an effective strategy for blogging. Cover all the salient points and endeavor to develop a manageable schedule. Your contributions don’t have to be long, but they should be personable and reflect your company’s core values. Furthermore, your in-house blogging team will monitor progress and advise you on topics to cover and the best approach to take.

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