4 Ways to Provide a Safe Workplace for Your Employees

4 Ways to Provide a Safe Workplace for Your Employees
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    Improving workplace safety may seem like an expensive endeavor, but allowing employees or clients to become injured on your property is a much riskier option.


There are over 3 million nonfatal workplace injuries reported every single year, so here is a look at four tips that you can use to improve the safety of your company without going broke.

1. Update Your Training

Every employee that you bring onto your team should have at least some safety training before they begin working. Depending on the type of company that you own, this may be nothing more than a review of emergency plans, but owners should also include training with safety gear that is pertinent to their specific industry. Some of the most important information to cover includes a list of all safety exits, evacuation plans, and mandatory practices throughout the company such as taking hourly breaks from the computer.

2. Show Employees That You Value Safety

Instead of only recognizing employees that are cutting costs or making sales you may also want to consider recognizing employees that are actively improving the safety of your company. Nobody wants to get hurt at work and taking their safety seriously will help make it priority for them as well. Even gestures as simple as a monthly safe employee spotlight or a group email sent out to all employees after a good suggestion is made is often enough to get employees into the correct mindset about workplace safety.

3. Get Serious About Drug Testing

Countless studies have been carried out that show that drug testing can drastically help with workplace safety in addition to improving your employees’ efficiency. Companies with a large volume of workers’ compensation claims could also benefit from regular drug testing carried out by Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. Once a handful of employees have been brought into your company, it is time to begin drafting your drug use policies and contact a reputable drug testing company.

4. Consider Hiring a Risk Management Specialist

Risk management specialists have been trained reduce workplace dangers as well as lower your insurance premiums. They can help a company with a wide variety of tools and techniques such as comprehensive safety training plans or an update to older safety equipment. This may sound like a large investment, but the long-term savings due to fewer claims will almost always make this profitable in the long run.

Many new business owners tend to believe that workplace safety and making a profit are mutually exclusive, but these simple tips show that anyone can improve safety while their business enjoys continued growth. Consider these suggestions as you think about workplace safety and the overall safety of your business.



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