Effective, Happy Employees: How Can I Find and Hire Them?

Effective, Happy Employees: How Can I Find and Hire Them?
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    An employee who is happy and well-adjusted on the job is more likely to do good work and to remain loyal to the company for an extended period of time.


How do you find and hire happy employees who are effective workers? The following steps can help:

Develop a clear-cut job description.

When posting a job opening, make sure the duties and expectations are clear. Use concrete terms and invite questions during the interview process to ensure the candidate understands the position being sought. A written job description is helpful in explaining the type of skills the company is looking for with this particular position. Avoid casually adding new duties or switching tasks without adequate preparation for the employee. If the daily schedule requires prioritization, be sure the employee understands the preferred order of activities.

Offer helpful resources.

During the recruitment and interview, describe company resources that will attract the best candidates for the job. For example, if specialized training will be offered, you will want to hire an employee who enjoys learning new things and who is available to travel if the training takes place offsite. Trade shows, conferences, and community involvement can be the means by which a suitable employee can find excitement and growth potential. Industry publications and workshops can help employees cultivate skills that build confidence and prepare them to tackle their jobs with increased energy.

Provide motivation and incentives.

Happy employees who do a good job may be motivated by various means. Incentives like recognition of excellence, job-related perks like a company phone or car, and bonuses for special accomplishments can encourage employees to try harder and enjoy the challenges before them. Some individuals are motivated by competition, so consider offering a yearly contest or departmental competition for best results in order to engage employees with that type of mindset.

Cultivate a fun and functional company environment.

Look for ways to enliven the worksite. Occasional company luncheons with entertainment can lift everyone’s spirits. Annual retreats are a great way to inspire creativity. Company picnics or banquets bring employees together, sometimes with their families, to celebrate success and recognize top performers who rise above the norm. Special event days, like all employees wearing a certain color or organizing a pot luck luncheon, make work life more enjoyable for all. Make sure that your place of business is up-to-date and functional as well. With help from places like Certified Flooring Installation, Inc. you can make sure your workplace looks and feels like a professional institution. If you building is old and dilapidated then you will see performance and enjoyment take a serious hit.

Most people are looking for ways to feel good about their jobs. Providing support, encouragement, motivation, and guidance, along with frequent good times and fun that enhance rather than deter from productivity, are some proven ways to make employees feel good about coming to work.



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