How To Motivate Your Employees To Come Back Into the Office

How To Motivate Your Employees To Come Back Into the Office
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    After more than a year of working remotely, some of your employees have gotten comfortable in their homes.

    They may have expressed a multitude of fears about returning to the office.


You probably have employees concerned about COVID-19 and others with social anxieties who are more concerned about not seeing people for so long. Knowing how to motivate your employees to come back into the office requires you to assuage everyone’s worries.

Here are a few ways to encourage staff back to work.

Create FOMO

FOMO is the fear of missing out. Begin enticing employees back to the office on days you are celebrating milestones, having a party, or hosting an all-hands meeting.

You can find all sorts of creative ways to have celebrations for your company. Promote a theme, include food and drinks, and give away prizes to employees who attend in person.

Make Office Space Comfortable

Employees who have been working from home may have become comfortable with new office designs. Try to parallel what they have at home with adjustable desks and workstations that allow them to move more freely throughout the office.

Further, consider the aesthetic of the office. Make it a welcoming space that promotes productivity.

Prioritize Safety

Communicate with your staff to find out what will make them feel safe once they return to the office. You may need to implement masking and social distancing policies and temperature and symptom check procedures.

Further, regularly cleaning surfaces may help some people feel safer in the office.

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    Give out sanitizer and place it around the office. Use signage to remind people to wash their hands, wear masks, and maintain social distance in public spaces.

Adjust Your Benefits

Ensure your employees are getting the support they need. Offering mentorship and training opportunities that focus on mental and physical well-being may incentivize staff into the office.

Your employees’ lives have likely changed in the past year. You should be willing to accommodate those changes with more sick days, caregiver assistance programs, and continuing education workshops.

Be Flexible With Remote Work

Allow employees who want to return to the office full-time to do so, but keep in mind that some employees have gotten used to working from home. Even those who are interested in returning to the office may want to work from home one day or more each week or have the option to work from home on days when it’s more convenient.

Your company can loosen work-from-home policies to reflect the recent remote environment.

Working from home is likely here to stay.

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Figuring out how to motivate your employees to come back into the office requires a great deal of care and communication. Further, you’ll need to be flexible with a policy that allows your staff to work where they’re most comfortable.

Consider everyone’s concerns when implementing your plan for employees to return to the office. Your staff retention may depend on it.

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