Business And Tech: Six Ways Technology Is Impacting Businesses

Business And Tech: Six Ways Technology Is Impacting Businesses
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    The business world is always evolving. The way companies did things even five years ago is not how they do them today.


The biggest driver of change in the business world is technology. Below are six ways technology is impacting business.

1. Smart Phones

In the past, people had to do research about products on home PCs before they went out. That gap has been bridged by smart phones, and now nearly everyone has access to the internet at all times. Businesses have adjusted by making their companies more social media friendly and integrating apps into the customer experience.

2. Medical Microchips

Currently one of the biggest waves being made in the world of medicine is the use of microchips to produce clinical trials. This technology uses digital variables to recreate organ systems to simulate the kind of testing that previously could only be performed on humans and animals.

3. 3D Printing

3D printing is possibly the biggest innovation of the last decade. It allows for the creation of an object of any shape through a printer that molds plastic to the specifications stored in digital files. The possibilities for business are nearly endless. Industrial sized 3D printers may soon be able to create any kind of product a customer desires.

4. Digital Collaboration

In the past, teleconferencing required a huge investment in expensive equipment that only the largest corporations could afford. Today, most computers come pre-installed with the ability to perform the same teleconferencing functions for free. This has allowed workers and business owners, no matter where they are, to more easily collaborate than ever before.

5. Improved Shipping Technology

Thanks to the advanced technology being used by companies like SIAT S.p.A., shipping products to anywhere in the world is now easier than ever. This includes a robot like device known as a “stretch wrapper” that has the ability to wrap a pallet or products in a few seconds, as well as automated devices known as sealers that can automatically apply adhesive tape to the top and bottom of boxes to prepare them for shipment.

6. Cloud Computing

A new technology that has made a big impact in the office is cloud computing. Cloud computing can give employees access to sophisticated office software from any computer. It can also allow a business owner to access company data from any location.

As time passes, technology will become more advanced and accomplish more things thought impossible only a few years before. These breakthroughs will continue to change how companies do business.



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