5-Step Checklist for Staging Your Business Event

5-Step Checklist for Staging Your Business Event
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    Many business professionals will be tasked with planning a corporate event at some point over the course of their careers.

    This can seem like a monumental task, and you may feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of this responsibility.


After all, the results of your efforts can reflect on you as well as your business. By following a few easy steps, you can more successfully stage a fabulous event.

Define the Attendance

Before you can make any plans for the business event, it is necessary to plan the scope of the event. Everything from your budget to the event space that you select will be defined by the number of attendees that you are expecting at the event. Whether you are planning a small corporate meeting for shareholders or an elaborate gala, this is a vital first step to take.

Create a Budget

Your budget is also critical to your event planning efforts. You will need to allocate enough funds to rent your venue, pay for caterers, decorate your space, hire entertainers, and more. This may also dictate how much you will charge your attendees to attend the event or if the event will be free for attendees.

Choose Your Venue

After you have defined your guest list and have created a budget, you can select your venue. The venue will impact the theme of your event, the tone and even the convenience for your guests to travel to it. Think about everything from back rooms for meal preparation to parking availability for your guests when you are selecting the venue.

Select Your Decor

After you have selected the perfect venue, you can begin choosing your décor. This may include draperies and wall coverings, ceiling-hung decorations, runners on the floor, table cloths, tabletop decorations and more. Depending on the venue that you choose, you may opt for a less-is-more decorating scheme, or you may need to decorate the space heavily to achieve the desired results.

Think About Entertainment and Lighting

When you host a corporate event, you generally have plans to provide your guests or attendees with a special presentation or some type of entertainment. You may need a stage, a microphone and a sound system for an awards ceremony, a DJ for musical entertainment or a dance floor for your guests to enjoy. Places like Noah’s Event Venues don’t only provide you a space; they help out with lighting, décor, electronics, and clean-up and setup. The right venue can decrease your event’s hassle level.

Staging your event can seem daunting, but the process is rather simple if you complete the process in small steps. By following these steps, you can plan the perfect corporate event with ease.



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