How to Identify an Advertising Strategy for Your Small Business

How to Identify an Advertising Strategy for Your Small Business
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    For small businesses, a cleverly designed advertising strategy might be the difference between what makes or breaks the business.


Unfortunately, advertising is where most small businesses go wrong. A common misconception is that small business do not need to advertise as much as established businesses.

The truth of the matter is, advertising is an integral part when it comes to the success of a business. Every business needs to have a solid advertising strategy from the word go. While some do, most small businesses treat advertising as an after-thought and that is where they go wrong.
Delving into the world of advertising as a small business may seem daunting. Everyone will dish-out their unwarranted advice on how they think you should go about it.

As a small business owner, you will find yourself either with too much information or too little. Therefore, how can you sort the chaff from the wheat to come up with an advertising strategy that actually works?

1. Understand your target market.

One of the most important things when it comes to advertising is the audience. Small businesses need to carry an extensive market research on their target market before embarking on advertising.

Think of it this way, who do you want to reach? Who do you want to impact with your advertising? Which channels of advertising can you use to reach these people? What sort of advertising will appeal to your target demographic?

Once you understand your market you can then go ahead to tailor-cut your strategies to fit the market.

2. Budget consciously and intentionally for advertising.

A common mistake with small businesses is that advertising is not prioritized. Instead, most small businesses only spend what is left over on advertising.

When it comes to advertising, you need to create a clear-cut budget outlining your costs. This is because advertising needs to be CONSISTENT and is, therefore, a recurring cost. (Consistency in advertising.)

Now, as a small business, chances are you do not have a lot of resources to spare on advertising. Having a budget will ensure that you spend your money effectively by putting it in the right channels. Having a budget will also make it easier to monitor how your advertising strategy is working.

3. Measure and track your advertising.

You have to keep track of how your advertising strategy is working vis-a-vis your sales, brand recognition and any other target you have set for your small business.

If the strategy is not working, ditch it. If it works keep it and amplify it.

The ultimate goal of every business should be growth. For that reason, if your strategy works well, it is always advisable to take it a notch higher and expand your reach.

4. Maintain a consistent brand image.

Even as you advertise it is crucial that you maintain a consistent brand image. It may be tempting to keep changing your brand image so as to stay relevant, but this often backfires as it confuses customers.

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