Vacuum Lifting System: New Lifting Solution for Skid Steers

Vacuum Lifting System: New Lifting Solution for Skid Steers
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    The Vacuum Lifting System is used to eliminate manual handling.

    It becomes handy in moving different types of materials, especially those with flat surfaces, and with the right attachment you can use vacuum lifting to handle various types of packages.


Vacuum lifting makes lifting work easier in all conceivable conditions, in mechanical, in manufacturing units, and warehouses, etc.

Vacuum lifting system is used for transporting parts or products and for them being handled. There are many types of vacuum systems available in the market and one of them is Vacuworx SS 2 that offers new lifting solutions for skid steer loaders using vacuum technology.

Uses of Skid- Steer loaders

Skid steers are one of the most used construction tools that contractors use across the trades.  Now with your vacuum lifting system, skid steer loaders can lift any warehouse equipment and product such as saw cut concrete, steel plate, landscape pavers, marble slabs, and other materials, safer than ever before.

Skid steer attachment

Vacuworx SS 2 vacuum lifting system is the most incredibly lightweight and versatile skid steer attachment for both the contractor’s construction and demolition. This type of vacuum system is designed in a way that it gets attached very easily to any skid steer loader as the model contains a hydraulically-driven vacuum pump that makes Vacuworx system fast so you can maximize the productivity.

Vacuum lifting system can also be attached with other tiny cranes using the clevis hook connection. But this vacuum lifting system can sometimes be a bit error-prone and require a good amount of maintenance to keep it in a good working condition.

The repair works depend on the lifting work that you do. More the work you will do with it, the more the maintenance work it will require. The best option for you to keep it working for a longer time is to hire a contractor to do its maintenance.

You should try to get this service support from the original manufacturer as they will ensure the consistency in the way your system work in the long run. But if you hire a contractor who is not the actual manufacturer for a repair job on your vacuum lifting system, they might install parts that will degrade the efficiency of your vacuum system. So, to prevent this, you should always hire a company that you can trust 

The productivity of Vacuum lifting system

The design of SS 2 vacuum system weighs 98 lb. without mounting plates, but can lift equipment and products that weigh up to 1.25 ton, that means this light weight lifting system has excellent lifting capacity.  Another feature of this lifting system is its versatility. It is compatible with all skid steer brands and is perfect for driveway, sideway, floor, road and landscaping projects. Along with its safer vacuum lifting system quality, it also improves the productivity and lets you finish your work faster.

How vacuum lifting system works

The hydraulically driven vacuum pump works using hydraulics from the host machine. The vacuum pump maintains a sustained vacuum in the hydrostatic pressure.  When the vacuum pump of the lifting system is activated, it pulls a vacuum between the vacuum pad (that is a seal pad used on the vacuum pad to cover the material and equipment to be lifted) and provides a positive seal.

Invest in quality systems that will help you improve your operations. This is the best way to improve the productivity of your vacuum lifting system and do complex jobs appear simple and help you finish your work faster and safer.



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