Small Ways to Improve Lab Testing Efficiency

Small Ways to Improve Lab Testing Efficiency
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    Maximizing your lab testing efficiency will make quality and consistent results the standard in your laboratory.

    Efficiency standards will save your laboratory time and money without damaging the quality of your testing, allowing your business to supply optimal amounts of test results.


Looking to maximize your testing efficiency can often require costly initiatives like digital automation practices. If you are looking for a way to optimize your laboratory efficiency, there are small ways to improve lab testing efficiency without breaking your budget.

Use Quality Equipment

The first step in maintaining lab testing efficiency is to ensure you are using quality equipment. The smallest pieces of equipment can make the biggest difference in your lab testing results and efficiency.

High-quality equipment should result in fewer technical issues, which can skew test results and create longer testing times. For example, equipment as small as chromatography syringe filters can make a substantial difference in efficiency.

If your laboratory performed testing that required syringe filters to remove particles from an acidic substance, but your syringe filters were not fit for handling acidic substances, the test would be ruined.

Being prepared with the right equipment before testing can help your tests run smoothly without wasting time or resources.

Maintain Equipment

Once you have the proper equipment for lab testing, you should maintain the equipment to maximize efficiency.

Taking the time to clean testing equipment will maximize the lifespan of said equipment and minimize unexpected downtime.

An unplanned breakdown of equipment can severely impact deadlines and the number of tests that can be performed within that timeline.

Calibrating and cleaning your equipment routinely will increase the longevity of the equipment and help determine when further maintenance will be needed before bigger issues arise.

Process Evaluation

When your lab testing lacks efficiency, take the time to step back and evaluate your testing process. There may be specific areas of your process where time is being wasted or the process can be simplified. Break down the bigger picture to get a more specific understanding of where your lab testing needs improvements.


Organization builds efficiency in any workplace. In lab testing, safety and productivity will increase when everything is put into place. Data management and equipment will be much easier to handle, eliminating wasted time searching for items and data.

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Organizational methods should also be thoroughly planned to reach optimal efficiency. If a researcher will need specific data during their tests, having that data stored on the opposite side of the lab wastes time and creates longer testing periods than if the data was stored near the testing site. Organize your laboratory with these thoughts in mind.

Maintaining and owning the proper equipment, evaluating current processes, and organizing the workspace are three small ways to improve lab testing efficiency. With these tips, your laboratory will be testing at new high speeds, increasing output, and furthering the success of your business.

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