3 Strategies To Help Your Employees Have A More Productive Morning

3 Strategies To Help Your Employees Have A More Productive Morning
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    Although many of us are at our creative best in the a.m., others need a gentle push to stir their productivity on the job.

    Energy levels are more than a matter of personality differences.


Workplace productivity can be enhanced in a few simple steps that will have employees looking forward to starting each day with confidence.


No matter where a person works, office lighting matters. According to a July 2016 Bloomberg article "The intensity and type of light we live with during the workday can have a major impact on our health, happiness, and productivity."

Depending on office arrangement and lighting options, LCD screens with their blue light backdrop help to stimulate people’s attention and mood. Bright lights of any kind coordinate with human circadian rhythms that keep us more active by day and relaxed at night. In contrast, dim lighting can cause employees to feel tired or unmotivated. Keep lighting in good working order and replace burned-out bulbs promptly.

Breakfast At Work

Many people skip breakfast, which can lead to a drop in blood sugar and sagging energy levels by midday. Consider providing light breakfast fare such as coffee or tea, breakfast bars, or fruit to fuel employee alertness and activity.

Business caterers and vendors like 11th Street Coffee bring breakfast to your office for convenience and minimal clean-up. Your employees will welcome coffee items and kitchen supplies, along with light snacks, before getting started or during breaks to feel ready to tackle the day’s activities.

Organized Workload

Offer software apps and office equipment to assist employees in organizing their workload. Rather than coming to work to a messy desk and a computer full of emails and assorted tasks in random order, ensure they have the materials needed to prioritize each day’s projects. Include plenty of cyberspace and file cabinets for backup copies and records. A streamlined approach to work each day will help to reduce stress and make it simpler for employees to get more done in a timely manner. It also helps to have managers available to answer questions by phone, text, or email as needed to keep productivity moving along.

Adjustments like those indicated here are cost effective and require little monitoring or maintenance. The tradeoff is infusing employees with a sense of appreciation and well-being that can increase productivity on the job each day. Take some time to evaluate your employees’ needs for a productivity boost.



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