Is Your Appearance Impacting Your Business Career?

Is Your Appearance Impacting Your Business Career?
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    Appearances are vitally important in the workplace.

    In fact, first impressions are formed in less than half a second.


According to a large study performed by the Center for Talent Innovation found at, executives and potential employers look at numerous variables when forming first impressions and when deciding who to hire and who to promote.

Some of these variables cannot be easily changed, such as one’s height, weight and perceived attractiveness. However, those wishing to further their careers may want to consider some of the things that they can change about themselves to appear more hirable and more suited to higher or executive positions.

Consider Cosmetic Surgery

While cosmetic surgery means huge changes, the effects of a well-timed nose job, chin augmentation or forehead lift can be huge. Not only do they improve one’s personal appearance to others but also they significantly impact confidence levels and self-esteem among business people who work in highly visible positions. Less costly and less dramatic options could include laser skin peels and Botox injections to improve skin tone and decrease fine lines and wrinkles.

Whiten Teeth

Yellow teeth look dirty and make others think that the individual does not care for his or her appearance. With dozens of whitening toothpastes on the market today that you can take advantage of. Of course, to get the impact that you want it’s going to take time. If you don’t have that, then you should really consider getting professional teeth whitening work done on you by a dentist, such as one from Stones River Dental, so that your teeth can be immediately white. Just make sure to stay away from coffee, tea and soda after the procedure.

Practice Good Grooming Habits

Good grooming really does not cost anything extra but shows colleagues and employers that one cares about himself or herself. Both men and women should keep their hair neat and trimmed, should wear only clean, well-pressed clothes and have manicured nails. Men should also take care to trim their facial hair or have a clean-shaven face.

Choose Classic Clothing

While couture clothing can improve appearance, clothes do not have to be expensive to improve one’s business presence. Instead, many classic styles that feature good lines and that fit well can look expensive. Both men and women should consider investing in several pieces that appear formal rather than trendy.

While not everyone has the money to pay for a nose job, Botox, professional teeth-whitening or couture clothing, all employees or job seekers should have what it takes to trim facial hair, keep clothing neat and tidy, purchase whitening toothpaste and keep hair well-kempt. Even these small changes in appearance can improve business relationships, promote job security and improve colleague relationships.



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