Benefits Of Using Pneumatic Nailers

Benefits Of Using Pneumatic Nailers
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    A nailer is a type of tool that is mostly used to drive nails into woods or some other kind of material.

    A pneumatic nailer is essentially a nail, which is driven by air pressure.


The first pneumatic nailer was introduced in the market in the year 1950. This invention was made for the sole purpose of increasing speed of construction of flooring and sheathing in houses, which was otherwise time-consuming. This invention made a great deal of difference in the constructions industry. The original gun could nail only 40-60 nails per minute whereas, the pneumatic nailer can nail 400-600 nails per minute.

The hammering force in the pneumatic nailer is generated from a gas-powered air compressor. The working principle of the pneumatic nailer is similar to the principle of that of a water pump. The pneumatic nailer has a piston cylinder, which helps in drawing in air from upward, downward, and sideward directions. This explains the working of the pneumatic nailers well and in speed.

Here is a list of benefits of using the pneumatic nailers

#1. Speeding up the process

One of the major benefits of using pneumatic nailer includes the speed it provides to our projects in construction. The nailers speed up the process of ongoing work by a large margin. This is the main reason why they have gained popularity in the construction business. The usage of nailers is considered better as compared to manual nailing. While in manual nailing, we have to hit the nail at least thrice to have it properly fixed in the desired spot. 

#2. Safe

The usage of pneumatic nailers is a safer option when compared to manual nailing. When we are manually nailing we are exposed to the grave of the risk of hurting ourselves while fixing the nail properly. On the other hand, when we are using pneumatic nailing process, there is no such risk involved. The pneumatic nailers are considered the safest option when using nailers. Though, it is advised to go through the manual before using a pneumatic nailer and following the exact steps mentioned in the manual is mandatory. On the whole, use of pneumatic nailers is much safer than doing it manually.

#3. Accuracy

When we are manually nailing the nails, we often miss the target and end up in a mess. To avoid this mishap the invention of pneumatic nailers was done. The nailers apart from having the benefits of security and speed also provide us with the benefit of accuracy. The pneumatic nailers are highly accurate and do not miss their aim. This is another reason why the construction business now prefers the use of pneumatic nailers over doing it manually. Therefore, the benefit of accuracy is something we cannot ignore.

#4. More power

The pneumatic nailers have more power, as they are driven by compressed air. The nails, which come out from these nailers, are fixed on the spot more accurately and permanently. It is often noted that nails, which are fixed manually, tend to come off easily. Whereas, the nails which are fixed with help of pneumatic nailers are fixed more strongly and do not come off easily. This happens as the nails that come out the nailers come out with more force. Hence, they are more strongly attached or fixed to the wall.

#5. Less dirt

One of the major disadvantages of nailing manually is the amount of dirt it causes and the damage that is done to our walls. The pneumatic nailers seemed to have fixed this problem of dirt and damage permanently.

Therefore, the benefits or advantages of pneumatic nailers cannot be ignored. They are now an essential tool in the constructions business.



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