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Energy Efficiency and Your Small Business

Energy Efficiency and Your Small Business
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    Your small business location, no matter what its size, can probably stand an energy efficiency evaluation.

    Whether you lease or own your property, you may pay for a host of services including, lights, heat, air conditioning, power for your office equipment and other expenses.


Energy efficiency makes sense, both from economic and environmental standpoints. Here’s how to cut your energy costs.

Tune up your HVAC system. Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) is most likely controlled by one system. That system should operate optimally to ensure that you’re using the right amount of power to correspond to your needs. Twice yearly tune ups are smart in a bid to help you verify its efficiency. Have your HVAC system examined in the spring and again in the fall, just before the two top energy consumption seasons — summer and fall. Consistent check ups can head off problems before they worsen and also lower your energy bills.

Swap out HVAC filters. If your filters are disposable, replace them regularly, even once per month. If you have reusable filters, then have them cleaned and reinstalled. The cost for replacing filters should run you about $5 per vent, what can help keep the air clean and prevent your equipment from straining itself.

Manage your natural light. Chances are your location gets its fair share of natural light. In the winter, such lighting can be most welcome as it can provide a source of heat to complement your heating system. In the summer, natural light can raise the temperature of your building, making it harder for your air conditioning to work efficiently. Consider installing blinds that automatically shut when the sun is directly invading the work place during the warmer months. You might also install solar shields to mitigate sunlight and place vegetation near to your facility to create shade.

Fans may work best. Ceiling and area fans can help move air and at a cost that comes in below what you pay for air conditioning. And when combined with your HVAC system, you can adjust climate control to kick in at a slightly higher temperature. It isn’t just air temperature that cools our bodies, but air flow — find the right temperature balance to avoid having to raise the thermostat and to avoid wasting additional energy.

Timely leak checks are best. Just as you do around your home, check around your business location to ensure that all leaks are handled. There are so many ways that the air escapes from your building to include: an automatic entrance door that does not shut promptly, an untended loading dock exposed to the great outdoors, older windows that need to be resealed or perhaps replaced, missing tiles in a closet or a break room. The list goes on.

Install active lighting. One way to hold your energy costs in place is to install active lighting. This type of lighting automatically comes on when someone enters a room, such as a bathroom and turns off when the room is empty. Consider various ENERGY STAR rated lamps and exit signs to replace your older and less efficient signage.

Replace aged office and food service equipment. Whether you buy or lease your equipment, older food and office equipment is much less efficient than what is being made today. As your lease expires or when you are ready to buy new equipment, explore the ENERGY STAR ratings to obtain the most efficient equipment. You can lower your power bills by swapping out old, less efficient equipment with today’s state-of-the-art equipment. Copy machines, refrigerators and freezers are among the pieces you can replace.

Energy Efficiency

Saving energy is a process, one that can be achieved mostly through small changes. When you are ready to make the big changes, you will have the confidence that the decisions you make are the most efficient ones yet!

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