7 Digital Marketing Trends for Campaign Success in 2019

7 Digital Marketing Trends for Campaign Success in 2019
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    The first quarter is up, and if you’re finding that your recent advertising campaigns aren’t living up to expectations, then you’re in the right place.


You might have noticed that certain approaches that worked before no longer have the same hard-hitting impact.

It’s not that people aren’t using email or search engines as much. It’s simply because the digital landscape is changing. What does that mean? Emerging technologies, upgrades to existing ones, and shifts in user behavior all play a part.

Changing Landscape

In tech, artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the increase in voice interactions, and the emergence of more “visually enabled” platforms are some of the main contributors to these shifts. AI is seeing more applications than just the snarky responses from virtual assistants like Siri and Alexa.

Chatbots, shopping services, and even CRM (customer relationship management) platforms are all using machine learning to meet user needs, create personalized experiences, and in predictive lead generation.

Meanwhile AR – along with the steadily rising trends of video streaming on mobile devices – is helping brands provide immersive experiences.

Voice search, on the other hand, has been making it so that natural language processing mimicry is now more central than ever to SEO strategies. It’s cousin, visual search, is set to change the course of product search even further this year with visual-friendly tweaks to Google’s algorithms and the development of Google Lens already long underway.

Shifting Paradigm

All of this culminates into two undeniable realities: the existence of a saturated, highly competitive market, and the fact that consumers now have much higher standards and expectations than before.

Users who have been bombarded with advertising on desktop and mobile devices are more conversant in employing software like ad-blockers to filter out the noise. Making an online or offline purchase now involves price and product comparisons, which is the new “normal.” E-shoppers themselves are becoming more particular, with considerations such as whether or not languages and currencies are set to their locale affecting their decision to purchase.

Whether you’re a digital marketer or a business brand, holding the attention of your audience is more challenging than ever. Stay on top of the competition by referring to the digital marketing trends and statistics presented in the visually striking infographic below.

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