Hints on Hosting a Perfect Startup Party

Hints on Hosting a Perfect Startup Party
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    Brand promotion and corporate visibility are of utmost importance for every up-and-coming business, so if you want to attract new clients fast, advertise new products or just celebrate your company’s first steps on the path to success, it would be a good idea to throw a startup party.


If you want to make sure everything goes perfectly, we have several tips here to help you host your startup’s first social event and impress your business associates, potential partners and future clients with a venue, catering and entertainment program that reflect your business vision and mission.

Budgeting the Event: How Much is Enough

Entrance to startup parties is free of charge, which means that you as the event organizer will have to cover all the costs on your own. This also means that you should be reasonable with the event budget as overspending may impact your line of business on the mid- and long-term basis. Sponsorship is a convenient solution for event funding: bigger brands may be interested in co-funding the party in return for brand promotion through swag take-aways displaying their logo.

Party Hotspot: A Venue that Reflects Your Brand

When it comes to the party venue, you will have to take into consideration several factors, such as the ambiance you want to create, party budget and expected number of guests. The venue can make your party an instant success – or break it completely, so do look into all the details such as catering options, bathroom access, A/V setup, Wi-Fi availability, insurance, liquor permits, available reservation dates and booking costs. It is better to be safe than sorry, right?

Make Merry: Entertainment Options

For startup party success, the entertainment program should be both tasteful and engaging. Events organized by reputed international brands often include performances by famous musicians, so hiring a well-known DJ may up the odds of high party turnout. Other cool entertainment ideas include workshops, darts and foosball machines or gaming competitions – the choice will depend on the impression you wish to create in terms of your business profile.

Wine ‘em and Dine ‘em: Launch Party Catering

Food and drinks are another aspect of a startup party that calls for special attention and careful planning. For minimal hassle, consult the management of your venue of choice about the price of their catering services or order finger foods from a trusted local bakery. Make sure the drink list includes both non-alcoholic beverages and some splendid wine and liquor specials. Lavish wine cards make excellent impressions on party invitees – future business partners included!

Get the Buzz: Invitations for the Right Crowd

Invitations for corporate events are nowadays usually sent in the electronic form, so forwarding an e-mail party invite to your partners, associates and loyal clients will do the trick perfectly. Nevertheless, if you want additional publicity and bigger party crowd, you can print out event posters to put up around town, hand out flyer invitations, contact the media, advertise the event on your business’ social network profile and announce the event on your corporate website.

Toasted: Address the Crowd in Due Tone

Once the guests arrive, you should address them and inform them about the purpose of the gathering. Take 10-15 minutes to deliver a heartfelt speech with a dash of humor or witty twists that will hit the right spots in the audience. Another option is to screen a short demo lending a clout to the merchandise or services available through your company. Whichever option you go for, make sure the content is engaging and meaningful for both the audience and your startup.

With the market growing fast and competition running fiercer than ever, attracting new clients and potential partners is highly important for corporate performance and long-term business success. Startup parties offer a unique chance to get proper publicity for your brand, advertise your merchandise or services and have fun at the same time – and with these few hints, you should have no major problems staging an event that will haul in new customers and fresh profits in the long run. Pull out all the stops and do not forget to provide your guests with swag giveaways with your brand logo so that they would know their attendance at the event is appreciated.  Good luck!



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